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If you have not been shopping recently for fire features to add to your backyard oasis, you may be surprised at all the new and exciting forms available. Between fire tables, fire falls, fire urns and fire columns, there are plenty of ways to add pizzazz and warmth to a luxury outdoor living room. Take a look at these ideas and turn your backyard into a showcase of warm fire elements this fall.

Beach Access

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard that includes access to the beach, don’t forget that this is also part of your backyard living room. As such, it deserves to be kept warm via a simple flip of the switch that ignites the gas burners in a fire pit or fire table. Make sure you have a stable floor, such as a concrete pad, in place on which to set the fire feature, then surround it with native rocks. Use mesmerizing fire glass media instead of logs for a look that echoes ocean waves. Add low, Adirondack chairs and pieces of driftwood that enhance the natural surroundings. This type of fire features works best with propane gas, so you can locate it farther from your house. Don’t forget to place stepping stones with low, pathway lighting between the two locations for safety.

Long and Narrow

If your backyard oasis includes a patio that runs the length of your home, consider fire features that echo that design and take full advantage of the available space. A long sofa placed against the outdoor wall that overlooks the view is a great place to start. Flank the sofa with a pair of armchairs. Place a long and low fire table with a rugged, stone or concrete foundation in front of the sofa for heat that spans the distance. May we suggest fire rocks as the media for the flames? This looks exceptionally well against the backdrop of an ocean or even forested view. Add a clear glass surround if wind is a problem in your backyard oasis.

Makes Things Entertaining


fire urn Hausers Patio

For a luxury outdoor living room meant for entertaining, small groupings are the idea vehicle for hosting lots of friends and family members. Instead of asking them all to huddle around one central outdoor fireplace, consider using small fire features scattered throughout the space. Fire urns are the ideal vehicle for this application. Their small size allows them to move easily among seating arrangements while keeping things warm and cozy. Add a pedestal to make a fire urn the proper height for barstools. Make sure you include enough of the fire urns to add a bit of cozy warmth to every place your guests might perch throughout the party.

fire features fire bowl Hausers Patio

Fire bowls are another option for adding several sources of warmth throughout your backyard oasis. These bowls can stay low, on the ground, or be placed atop an outdoor table. There are several widths available, depending on the size of the area you wish to heat. Try using a pair to flank your front door, for a cozy effect that also lights the entry.

With all these exciting new ways to add warmth to your luxury outdoor living areas, why stick with tried-and-true fire features?

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