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Luxury Outdoor Lamp and Lighting Options

When it comes to furnishing your luxury outdoor living room to make it easy to use in any season and any time of the day or night, how often do you think about lighting? The right light in the right place can mean the difference between fully enjoying the space and not having enough illumination to do what you want, when you want to. Let’s take a look at some of the spaces in your backyard oasis that could benefit from a lovely outdoor lamp made specifically to withstand the elements.

Reading Nook

One of our favorite ways to enjoy our backyard living area is using it as a reading room. Whether a physical book or electronic one, it’s just so relaxing to curl up on a spacious lounge chair tucked into a dozy corner with a cold beverage and dive into a good read. When daylight starts to wane, there’s no need to go inside. Simply add an outdoor lamp to a chairside occasional table or flat-topped ottoman. This way, you can enjoy reading day or night.

Menemsha outdoor table lamp luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Take a look at this gorgeously styled lamp with its coastal, beach vibe. Its transitional style is perfect for a gorgeous Southern California patio or porch. The finish is a distressed grey coral while the neutral lampshade is composed of crisp linen. Its large size (40” high with a width of 30”) makes it the ideal lamp for casting a lot of light by which to read.

Flanking the Fireplace

Although an outdoor fireplace puts out a lot of warmth and light, it doesn’t illuminate much beyond a few feet in front of the hearth. In order to light a pathway or a seating arrangement around the fireplace, consider adding a pair of flanking floor lamps.

San rafael outdoor floor lamp luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

May we suggest a floor lamp such as this San Rafael model? Its classic California Mission style works beautifully in any outdoor environment with views of rolling hills, lots of floral plantings and a focus on the wide expanse of blue sky. The open metalwork of the lamp’s body is finished in a popular oiled bronze color and features a milk-glass cylinder for extra visual appeal. This lamp can be used either indoors or out.

The Dining Table

Although it’s often considered romantic to dine al fresco in muted light, it can make things hard for a diner to distinguish between dishes. A lovely solution is to add table lamps to the dining table.

Kanamota outdoor table lamp luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

We recommend going with an outdoor lamp that features a slender base, so to not take up too much real estate on the table. An excellent choice would be the Kanamota Outdoor Table Lamp, which is uniquely crafted to resemble petrified wood. It has a slight mineralized sheen to it that makes the vibe less rustic and more modern. The weather-resistant, Moonlight Silver shade enhances the metallic quality of the base. All of its components are powder-coated to better withstand the elements.

Inside/Outside the Cabana

Elliot bay outdoor table lamp luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Finally, an outdoor cabana is such a soothing, comfortable area to lounge that it requires a light fixture of its own. This Elliot Bay Outdoor Table Lamp is an ideal addition. It uses either standard bulbs or LED bulbs and features crisp, contemporary lines with a slightly rustic finish that easily fits right in with nearly any design style.

When furnishing your backyard oasis, don’t forget about the perfect lighting, via outdoor table lamp, for each area.

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