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Looking for Unique Outdoor Umbrellas? Hauser’s Patio Has Them

Whether you have an unusual size or shape of outdoor living area to shade or you simply want a shade feature that stands out from the crowd, finding unusual types of patio umbrellas can be a chore. But at Hauser’s Patio, we bring you the latest and greatest and best when it comes to a CA umbrella you will be proud to put in your luxury backyard. Take a look at these unique outdoor umbrellas – one of which may be perfect for your space.

Polaris Series Cantilever Umbrella from Treasure Garden

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Up first in our showcase of unique outdoor umbrellas is the Polaris Series cantilever model from Treasure Garden. It features a designer side post for extra flair. This one is very simple to operate due to its infinite front to back tilt system which provides shade in any direction. The Polaris can be locked into place in eight different positions with full, 360-degree rotation. This outdoor umbrella is durable, due to its stainless steel construction and galvanized mast stem, as well as beautiful.

Starlux AKZ Plus Cantilever

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Here is another popular model from Treasure Garden: the Starlux umbrella. This is considered a Treasure Garden 10 x 13 umbrella. A special feature of the Starlux umbrella is its built-in lighting with two settings (low and high), which can also be adapted to fit other lights from Treasure Garden. It is made from powder coated aluminum and uses a cord made from Kevlar for extreme durability. There are three left and right tilt angles while the front to back tilt functionality is unlimited. Make it yours by selecting the type of canopy, fabric, metal finish and base/mounting options. Of the unique outdoor umbrellas featured here, this one also includes a protective cover to keep it safe from the weather when not in use.

Ocean Master Max Zero Horizon Cantilever by TUUCI

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Our list of unique outdoor umbrellas would not be complete without including at least one of the meticulously engineered models from TUUCI. The Ocean Master Max cantilever umbrella is quite special in that it presents a zero horizon profile with its 10’ square canopy. Its striking good looks are combined with an aluminum frame meant to last for many years to come. A great feature of the Ocean Master Max is that this outdoor umbrella, just like all other TUUCI shade features, has all replacement parts available should yours ever need refurbishment.

Atlantis Pavilion Cabana Cover

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Finally, we present something very different in our showcase of unique patio umbrellas San Diego: a cabana cover from TUUCI. This is the perfect solution for fully shading a large area. With its top canopy and side drapes, you can easily place this cover over a set of deeply cushioned lounge chairs to create a relaxing area with an intimate atmosphere. The Atlantis Pavilion cabana cover is available in three sizes: 8’ or 10’ square or 8’ x 12’. Choose the trim color of the canopy and drapes to truly make it yours.

If you are looking for unique outdoor umbrellas, we invite you to shop through our online store or visit one of our showrooms in person. Chances are good you will find exactly the type of shade feature you need in your luxury outdoor space.

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