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Live Your Tropical Vacation Every Day with St. Barts Outdoor Furnishings

When you dream of an island getaway where you can take it easy and relax in ultimate comfort, perhaps you envision a Caribbean island like St. Barts. And why not? Crystalline white beaches, turquoise water, clear blue skies, a deck on which to dream… Fortunately, you can recreate that atmosphere every day by furnishing your outdoor space with fine furniture from the St. Barts Collection by Kingsley Bates.

Why Choose St. Barts from Kingsley Bates?

For one thing, the St. Barts Collection, along with most of the other collections from Kingsley Bates, uses premium quality teak wood details. Although the company started crafting all their furniture from teak, they have since expanded their material selection to all-weather wicker, stainless steel and even woven rope. The St. Barts Collection is one of the latter.

St Barts collection ottoman luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Pieces in this collection combine woven rope and rustproof aluminum in the frames, embellished with solid teak feet. Each seating piece is carefully crafted using mortise and tenon joints for superior strength and durability. When it comes to quality, this company and this collection provide it in every detail of every chair, sofa or lounger.

The St. Barts Difference

The St. Barts Collection has a style that is easy to love. It looks great anywhere you put it, whether that’s beside the pool, on a deck or spanning a patio. While the arms and backs look like they are crafted from authentic hemp, the rope material is actually just as durable as wicker and made even stronger due to the aluminum frame. The all-weather rope is available in two colors: natural rope or hemp.

St Barts deep seating sofa luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The pieces in this collection are all about sitting in style. With St. Barts, you get deep, plush seats upholstered in your choice of dozens of different color and pattern options. These are perfect for people who like to lounge in roomy seats which provide lots of comfortable support.

St Barts deep seat chair luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The chairs, lounges and sectional sofas designed with laid-back St. Barts style are meant to coordinate with other pieces from Kingsley Bate. They are truly transitional in style, and easily fit in with occasional tables, fire pits and dining sets from other collections.

Add St. Barts to Your Luxury Outdoor Living Space

It’s easy to add seating from the St. Barts Collection to your existing outdoor living area. The beautiful style and natural color blend perfectly with wood and glass tables. They are made with durability in mind, so feel free to add any of these deep, plush seats anywhere in your outdoor landscape, covered or not.

When casual sophistication and ultimate comfort are the goals, you can’t go wrong with seating pieces from the St. Barts Collection by Kingsley Bate. They are sure to inspire a tropical vacation vibe that will put you straight into relaxation mode whenever you sink into supreme comfort of their deep cushions.

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