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Is Teak Patio Furniture San Diego Compatible

There are plenty of options when it comes to the material your luxury outdoor furniture is made from, but a perennial favorite is teak wood. But is the best choice for your backyard oasis really teak? In this article we look at all the reasons why we recommend teak patio furniture San Diego homeowners.

Why Teak Furniture San Diego?

Teak tree hausers patio

For one thing teak is a very strong and durable hardwood. With a naturally high oil content and tight wood grain, it is easy to see why outdoor furniture manufacturers have been using this material for centuries. Its ability to withstand weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds and brutal sun makes it a natural for use in a San Diego backyard, porch, or deck.

Aura teak fire table hausers patio
This Aura fire table made from teak is durable and beautiful.

Teak patio furniture is also naturally resistant to wood rot and acid. The high oil content in teak makes it unpalatable to a variety of destructive insects, including termites. Those oils also give teak a characteristic ability to repel moisture.


Teak swivel rocking chair from the treviso collection by gensun hausers patio

Teak is a very versatile wood, as well. It can easily be fashioned into a number of pieces for your luxury outdoor oasis, from tables and chairs to loungers and benches, storage bins and consoles, and much more. In the debate between aluminum vs teak outdoor furniture, teak is just as versatile, if not more so, than aluminum. Pieces like the Treviso Cushion Swivel Rocking Lounge Chair pictured above in a gorgeous seating arrangement show how teak hardwood can be transformed into functional pieces that are lovely to look at.


Lloyd flankers wildwood teak hausers patio
These seating pieces from the Wildwood collection by Lloyd Flanders show off the beauty of teak and how well it can be incorporated in your luxury backyard oasis.

There’s just nothing like having teak patio furniture San Diego outdoors to warm up the space. The natural wood can be left unfinished or stained. Of course, you could also paint teak furniture but that would hide one of its most sought-after characteristics: the beautiful wood grain. The grain is formed in straight lines and shows varying textures when examined closely.

Teak swivel rocking chair from the treviso collection by gensun hausers patio
Teak furniture from the Treviso collection by Gensun

Teak wood’s natural color is a golden brown that ages to a gray patina over time. With teak furniture San Diego homeowners often prefer to showcase that patina but you could also opt to refinish your pieces as necessary. A light sanding is all that is required before adding a new coat of varnish to protect your investment in teak outdoor furniture. If regular maintenance is not your idea of fun, then let the pieces weather to a silvery gray and merely brush off the dirt or hose them down occasionally to keep them clean and looking great.

So to answer the question is teak patio furniture San Diego compatible the answer is a resounding yes. With its durability, versatility, and beauty, teak outdoor furniture is a great choice for any San Diego luxury outdoor living space.

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