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When it comes to the oasis you wish to create in your backyard, patio, or pool deck, arguably the most important pieces are those on which you sit, relax, recline, and lounge. After all, that is one of the main purposed for which you have created an outdoor living room. But with so many options, features, and styles, how do you choose the right pieces for your home? Part I of this guide will help you decide how to choose the best luxury outdoor seating based on functionality, dimensions and flow.

Functionality and Usage

Before you go shopping for luxury outdoor seating, determine how you most use the space in your backyard. Do you enjoy hosting cocktail parties for large groups? Or would you rather keep things intimate and provide seating for family and perhaps a couple close friends when dining al fresco? Do you and your tribe enjoy hanging out in the sun and conversing or do you limit your time outdoors to specific functions, such as swimming or barbecuing?

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This Elements Outdoor Sofa offers clean lines that do not interrupt the view but accommodates several adults comfortably and leaves plenty of room for entertaining large groups.

All these different ways to use your backyard or patio determine the best types of seating, whether that is a large sectional sofa where everyone in the family always has a spot or groupings of chairs and tables that can be moved to fit the event. If pool parties are your thing, investing in a handful of lounge chairs may be all you need.


Just as important as how you will use the space is the dimensions of your outdoor living room. Similar to an indoor living area, there are important considerations when designing luxury outdoor seating for a long and narrow space as opposed to a true square or oblong. Maybe your backyard oasis revolves around a centerpiece, such as a large outdoor fireplace or water fountain. In that case, the area you are designing is more circular. Odd- or L-shaped backyards and patios might be better served with separate, smaller arrangements such as pub tables with barstools interspersed with comfy lounge chairs.

outdoor sofa with pillows Hausers Patio
Will these gorgeous luxury outdoor seating pieces from Barlow Tyrie fit on your pool deck? Always measure first.

In any case, be sure to take good measurements so you know for certain that the seating arrangements you select will fit in the space allotted.

Line of Sight

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These comfy chairs face the pool, a popular view when relaxing outdoors.

Another factor when choosing luxury outdoor seating is your line of sight. Stand where you wish to put an outdoor sofa or chair. What do you see straight ahead? The best seating arrangements take into account the view from your perch, as well as the little necessities for extra comfort, such as an occasional table for food and beverage, perhaps an outdoor lamp to read at night and maybe a rug to keep your toes warm.

Flow of Movement

Jensen Nest side table Hausers Patio
When designing a seating arrangement like this, consider flow of movement to ensure your guests can easily get in and out.

Another aspect of choosing the best luxury outdoor seating is flow, or how you expect people to move around immobile pieces. In the case of the fountain or fireplace as centerpiece, you would probably want to use a semi-circular sectional sofa or a pair of loveseats that encircle the piece de resistance. The flow of movement would be around the back of these seating pieces, leaving room between them and the centerpiece for tables and other accessories. Don’t forget about accommodating guests who wish to mingle and would need to wind in and out of the seating arrangements; be sure to leave “aisles” for easy movement.

When you wish to choose the best luxury outdoor seating for your backyard oasis, these are just some of the considerations to take into account. Stay tuned to our blog for Part II of this installment, which will wrap up all the things you need to know about luxury outdoor seating.

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