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Whether it’s a tea party, a garden party or some other sophisticated get-together, up the ante on comfort and style in your backyard by incorporating the beautiful designs of Treasure Garden cantilever umbrellas and outdoor furnishings. Here are a few tips to get your luxury outdoor living space ready for a garden party to rival no other.

Rearrange What You Already Have

You don’t necessarily need to start over from scratch when it comes to getting your yard ready. Chances are you already own a lot of quality furniture and you are starting with a good layout. Rather than giving it all up, try looking at your outdoor space with a fresh eye.

First, do a 365-degree turn around the yard. Where are the best views? Does your current furniture take advantage of those views? If not, now is the time to rearrange. And for a garden party or tea party, consider creating several small conversation groupings throughout the space. Go with a mixture of dining table sets and sofas or chairs with occasional tables. Add a gorgeous Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella to each setting to ensure maximum comfort for your guests.

treasure garden umbrella Hausers Patio

Here’s another thing to consider: the objects you don’t want in plain sight. Do you have pool equipment, gardening tools, electrical boxes or other items easily seen by your guests? You can’t always do away with these unsightly articles, but you can camouflage them. Once again, a Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella can be a big help. Tilt it just so and all your guests will see is the beautiful fabric providing cooling shade.

Add Visual Interest

There are many ways to add a bit of artistic flair and visual interest to your luxury backyard, patio or deck. If you think of it in the same terms as your indoor décor, it will be much easier to put this principle into play.

treasure garden cantilever umbrellas Hausers Patio

For instance, color is an important factor. You needn’t be strict about using accessories in only a single color family, but do plan it out with an overall color scheme in mind. For instance, if you have a lot of water features or perhaps an expansive ocean view, try using a contrasting hue in your furnishings and accessories, such as a vivid coral or bright, sunshine-y yellow. Look at this gorgeous Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella for inspiration.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Remember that all the little details count, as well. Small flowerpots scattered throughout, cute drink coasters, fluffy pillows, unusual tables and ottomans covered in bright floral fabric all make a big difference in the overall appeal of your outdoor space. Even little things like adding a beautifully designed, Art Deco-inspired base to your Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella or a light fixture that wraps around the pole are the types of subtle nuances that make your backyard special.

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On party day, prepare a beverage station that includes all the essentials and extras, such as stirring sticks, a variety of sweeteners and spoon rests, in addition to a gorgeous tea pot and cups with saucers. Add a display of delicious hors d’oeuvres on a china stand, special linen napkins and real silverware for more elegant touches.

Treasure Garden Makes It All Possible

When designing your luxury outdoor living space for maximum appeal, Treasure Garden cantilever umbrellas are an essential component. Come in and let us help you transform your backyard for your next sophisticated garden party.

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