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Gloster Furniture Is Made From Luxury Teak Wood

At Hauser’s Patio, we offer luxury outdoor living products manufactured by only the highest-quality companies, according to our lofty standards. And that’s why we are proud to be your source for the outdoor furnishing collections handcrafted from teak and available from Gloster Furniture.

What Makes Gloster Outdoor Furniture Different?

One of the ways that Gloster’s outdoor furnishing collections are different from others is that they are all crafted from fine plantation teak wood. This timber adds a luxurious feel along with superior strength and beauty. These characteristics hold up exceptionally well over time, especially in our sea-swept San Diego climate. It is particularly well-suited for use in humid locations due to its naturally high oil content, which is further aided by kiln drying to season the wood and help it withstand extremes.

Gloster’s outdoor furniture is designed with an eye for contemporary home style. They incorporate nautical forms and elegant curves meant to enhance your outdoor living space, such as this Pepper Marsh three-seat sofa. They are easy to incorporate into any style, from the ever-popular mid-century modern to contemporary or even traditional.

Gloster Uses Only the Best Teak Wood

The teak wood used by Gloster is the best timber found in Java, with the fewest amount of defects so that the yield is maximized. It must be symmetrical and have few surface defects, which detract from its natural beauty. In particular, they look for a thin layer of sapwood which indicates a mature tree that grew slowly and developed high levels of oil and density.

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It is easy to see this attention to using the highest quality materials when you view the pieces in many of Gloster’s outdoor furniture collections. For instance, this beautiful dining set from the Oyster Reef collection is an excellent example of how the design is influenced by the grace and beauty of the plantation teak wood from which it is crafted.

The Bay Collection from Gloster

One of the more popular outdoor furnishing lines carried here at Hauser’s Patio is the Bay collection from Gloster. Characterized by gracefully formed arm rests and legs, this collection of outdoor seating pieces is reminiscent of mid-century design modern updated with a coastal vibe. And of course each chair, sofa and table is handcrafted from the beautiful teak wood for which Gloster is best known.

Wouldn’t this Bay conversational grouping look fabulous on your back deck, whether or not you have a view of the bay? Its inclined seats invite you to relax while enjoying your outdoor living space.

The Grid Collection from Gloster

For something a bit more contemporary and oh-so-California, you may want to check out Gloster’s Grid collection. The teak wood used in these pieces are formed into linear designs with a very clean profile. But what makes this collection truly special is the grid-like system of seating pieces that can be combined in endless ways. They can be configured into the perfect seating solution for your luxury outdoor living space, much the same as with an indoor sectional sofa.

Here’s one design on an expansive back deck that was formed around a fire pit. The easy flow and number of seats make this an ideal arrangement for entertaining.

Now that you know why Gloster’s collections of outdoor furniture are so sought-after by San Diego area residents who want only the most beautiful and long-lasting furnishings crafted from teak wood, why would you choose anything else?

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