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Gas Fire Pits: Designs for Your San Diego Lifestyle

Nothing compares to the warmth and ambience of a gas fire pit in your luxury outdoor living space. Not only does the right type of fire pit create a soft glow at night, it sparks conversation and creates an atmosphere that draws people to the dancing flames. But out of all the designs available today which type of fire pit is right for your backyard oasis? Take a look at these options.

Fire Urns, Bowls and Towers

Fire urns luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Perfect for a smaller outdoor living room or for a dramatic effect in a larger backyard, fire bowls, urns and towers come with a small footprint while providing a dramatic accent to walkways, seating arrangements or pool decks.

Fire bowl luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Consider their height when deciding where to place them; fire columns and towers provide a vertical point of interest so they look best surrounded by shrubbery or next to a short chair with ottoman and table. Fire urns and fire bowls can be placed on a riser or directly on the pool deck or patio pavers. Another unique idea is to group three of these small fire features together in a dark corner of your outdoor living room.

Fire Tables

Outdoor dining fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

If you do a lot of entertaining outdoors, consider adding a fire table. This is the perfect option for those who enjoy dining al fresco. It also creates a fun option at outdoor parties so guests can cook their own skewers of meat and vegetables or grilled cake and fruit. Even when not in use as a cooktop, fire tables present the perfect place to gather for informal get-togethers. The fire table creates a subtle glow and warmth that are always welcome no matter the occasion.

Styles for your Gas Fire Pit

Chiseled fire pit luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Consider your own sense of style and the type of mood you wish to create in your backyard oasis when determining an appropriate style of gas fire pit. If you prefer rustic, opt for stones or rusty metal accents in a propane or gas fire pit that uses realistic looking logs. A casual backyard style melds nicely with a fire pit of rough texture, such as faux wicker or wood. For a more formal space, consider classic lines and materials; natural-looking fire “stones” are the perfect media for the flames. In a modern backyard, glass and stainless steel are an ideal combination, especially when paired with gorgeous fire glass media. Add a clear Plexiglas windscreen to keep the flames going even in windy weather.


Manhattan outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Round or rectangular? Long and narrow or square and squat? The size of your gas fire pit is largely determined by the size of your outdoor space. Of course, smaller and mobile fire pits are best suited for a backyard oasis of limited square footage. Opt for models that are tall and narrow as opposed to short and squat. If your luxury outdoor living room has ample space, you may want to anchor it with a built-in gas fireplace and scatter a couple fire pits along the perimeter or in different zones.

Whether you choose a traditional gas fire pit, a fire urn, column, tower or table, Hauser’s Patio has all the latest styles and sizes from which to choose. Be sure to upgrade your backyard oasis today so you can enjoy the soothing warmth and mesmerizing glow of a fire pit this fall and winter.

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