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Out with the old, in with the new. That seems to be everyone’s motto as we begin 2021. If you have decided your patio or deck needs a refresh, this is the perfect time to plan the renovation. Need ideas? Check out these fresh and modern outdoor design elements for your backyard oasis so you can take your outdoor space into the new year with style and a peaceful atmosphere.

A Simplified Color Scheme

treasure garden umbrella Hausers Patio
This Treasure Garden umbrella uses colors and pattern to tie it into the surrounding furnishings and landscape

There are so many beautiful hues in nature, we often go overboard trying to incorporate them all into our backyard oasis décor. A more modern take means paring back on the number of colors. Just as you would do inside, pick one hue that you really love and use shades of it with abandon. Next, select a contrasting color to incorporate in the majority of accessories. Finally, settle on a single, neutral color as the foil to sprinkle throughout the landscape. Neutrals such as gray, brown, sand, off-white, or navy work well.

Hausers Patio

Although this simplified color scheme applies to the furnishings in your backyard oasis, you can also use the same principle when planning plantings of shrubbery and flowers. The natural greens that characterize most trees, shrubs and ground cover are simply a backdrop to make your new color scheme stand out.

Repeat Shapes and Forms

Another way to use fresh and modern outdoor design elements for your luxury backyard oasis is by simplifying the number of shapes and forms. Similar to the concept of using a pared-back color scheme, the repetitive use of simple shapes such as circles and rectangles makes your outdoor living room contemporary and fresh.

cantilever umbrella Hausers Patio
Look how nicely this pair of cantilever umbrellas provides shade for a seating area and echoes the rectangular and square shapes used throughout the space.

This can be achieved quite easily with a round outdoor dining table surrounded by curve-backed chairs and topped by a round umbrella. A variety of round planters and circular pillows on a contemporary outdoor sofa continue the theme. While you don’t have to stick with rounded shapes throughout your entire backyard oasis, the more you can use them to link one area with the next gives everything a free-flowing and unified look.

Pass-Throughs, Pergolas and Peaceful Gardens

outdoor seating group around infratech heater Hausers Patio
A pass-through between the indoor and outdoor living rooms keeps the space open and inviting.

Three things we will see more of in 2021 include pass—throughs from the indoors to the out, pergolas to provide shaded space for entertaining and peaceful gardens filled with beautiful blooms, soothing water features and plenty of pathways to access every corner. All of these items made it onto most of our customers’ wish lists in the past several months as they spent more and more time enjoying their outdoor living space. 2021 may be the year you decide to add something big and bold or redesign the layout of your luxury backyard to accommodate all the new ways you use it.

These fresh and modern outdoor design elements for your luxury backyard oasis are sure to provide a much-needed, uplifting and contemporary new look to your home’s outdoor space.

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