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Enjoy Autumn Outdoors with Casual Fireside from O.W. Lee

It’s finally here – that time of year most of await anxiously – autumn. Even though temperatures may still be quite warm during the day, they dip to cozy cools at night. So, what better time to enjoy the outdoors? For a crisp evening in your backyard, watching the stars come out while sipping hot cider and smelling the change of season in the air, you need a gorgeously designed fire pit for ultimate comfort. Here’s why O.W. Lee’s Casual Fireside collection is the natural choice.

The Evolution of the Fire Pit

Fire pits used to be viewed as an afterthought; one of the last additions to your outdoor living space. It’s no wonder – there were few design choices and most of them were clunky, metal boxes or traditional chimneas that never really looked quite at home in southern California. They were meant to be pushed off to the side when not in use. What they lacked in style they made up for in comfort, however. In no time, fire pits became very popular.

Casual fireside by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

There is no need to settle for functionality over style anymore. With the Casual Fireside collection from O.W. Lee, you can start by choosing any one of their gorgeous fire pit designs and use it as the inspiration to add your own unique style to your outdoor living space.

O.W. Lee has two styles of luxury fire pit to choose from: tile hearth top and metal/cast top. All of the fire pits in the Casual Fireside collection from O.W. Lee are fully customizable. Sophisticated design combines with durable construction and reliable ignition systems for the ultimate in high-end outdoor comfort.

Tile Hearth Top Fire Pits

Casual fireside by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A tile hearth top fire pit

Hearth top fire pits topped by beautiful, inlaid tile designs are easy to customize to your outdoor décor. They are the best choice for casual seating and conversational groups.

First, choose your base. You have a choice of three heights –occasional, chat or counter. The bases are available in four styles and a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There are a dozen finishes from which to choose, one of which is sure to beautifully enhance the natural colors founds in your backyard.

Every top in this collection is crafted from high-quality tiles made from various materials. They offer a wide variety of styles, from contemporary coastal to Old World European to today’s hottest trend: metallic.

Then there’s the media in the pit, which brings the flames to life. Natural choices, such as ceramic rocks or logs or lava granules vie for your attention against vividly-colored, sparkling, tumbled or pearled media – so many options!

Metal and Cast Top Fire Pits

Casual fireside by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A gorgeous metal top fire pit from o W Lees casual fireside collection

Then there are metal and cast top models, which may better suit your personal design style. They are just as beautiful as the tile hearth fire pits, but even more durable.

These are available in dining height as well as the other options. The dining height fire pits are perfect for enjoying casual meals outdoors while basking in the warmth of a fire.

There are four different base styles with twelve different finishes and the same vast array of media options as the tile top collection.

Add an accessory, such as a lazy Susan, and your metal or cast top fire pit gains additional functionality when the fire feature is not in use. Stylish guards made of glass or wrought iron as well as domed covers ensure safety.

It’s finally fall – so why not enjoy every minute of it? Add a beautiful O.W. Lee Casual Fireside fire pit to your luxury outdoor space so you can take advantage of crisp nights, in style and comfort.

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