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Everyone knows the warmth and ambience a fireplace can bring to your space. But did you know you can customize your indoor or outdoor gas fireplace simply by choosing new and unique hearth media? Whether you desire realistic looking logs or a more contemporary media, designer fireplace logs are just what you need to personalize the look of your fireplace.

Types of Designer Fireplace Logs

The first thing to determine is whether your fireplace requires vent-free, vented or direct vent fireplace logs.

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Vent free fireplaces are just that – they do not require a vent. A vent-free fireplace can be either an indoor or outdoor gas model. Made to mimic active natural flames and glowing embers, designer fireplace logs give your vent free hearth a finished look.

If your gas fireplace is vented, you can still enjoy the beauty of designer fireplace logs. There are plenty of options for realistic logs, river rocks, gems, glass and nuggets as well as decorative accessories such as pinecones, acorns and wood chunks.

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Direct vent inserts are typically found indoors. They do not require a chimney and can provide heat for any size room. Logs with electronic ignition or standing pilot are available in addition to fire glass or stones.

Fireplace Log Styles

Today’s designer fireplace logs are so realistic that it can be very difficult to tell if they are made from real wood or not. They sit atop a bed of “embers” that are fueled by gas. Fireplace logs are made from ceramic that can easily stand up to high temperatures. They burn efficiently while providing a very real-life flame presentation to the delight of all in the room.

Realistic fireplace logs come in a wide variety of wood species (oak, pine, birch and even driftwood), shapes and colors.

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Some designer fireplace logs appear as if the wood was just split by an ax, such as the Split Oak Designer Plus Fireplace Logs shown here.

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Others feature “charred” coloring, like the Charred Alpine Birch Fireplace Logs shown above. They can easily fool anyone into believing that they just walked into a room where the fire has been blazing long enough to turn the light pieces of wood black with soot – minus the dirt.

Other Fire Media Options

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If you wish your hearth to resemble one you might find in a historic location (a perfect option if you own a Mission-style home in Southern California), you may want to opt for this Old English Coal Grate with fireplace logs and coals. This is a very unique style that is sure to draw attention.

gunmetal fire glass Hausers Patio
This fire glass is a metallic gun metal color.

If designer fireplace logs are not your thing consider a more contemporary look by adding fire glass, fire gems or fire nuggets.

fire bowl Hausers Patio
For something different, try a fire bowl with polished stone media.

Another option, which looks more natural, is river rock media. This is especially popular here in the coastal communities of California as many of our clients have their homes decorated in seaside casual style.

Why not upgrade your indoor or outdoor gas fireplace today with designer fireplace logs.

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