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Contemporary gas fireplaces are quite efficient at heating up a room and dispelling cool, damp air. But beyond their ability to provide cozy warmth, gas fireplaces just look good, especially considering all the ways you can customize and accessorize them. Here are some reasons every San Diego area home needs contemporary gas fireplaces.

Increase Your Home’s Value

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In a 2013 survey by the National Association of Realtors, 40 percent of potential home buyers said they would pay more for a house with some type of fireplace while nearly all of them said this feature was an important consideration. In another study, the National Center for Real Estate Research determined that adding indoor gas fireplaces increased home value about 12 percent.  And about 70 percent of realtors agree that a fireplace always adds to a home’s asking price. Between wood burning stoves and indoor gas fireplaces, the latter is preferred by the majority of homeowners.

In light of these real estate statistics, it’s plain to see that an indoor gas fireplace adds value to your home.

Be Good to the Environment

Contemporary gas fireplaces are a very efficient source of heat. Because there is no actual wood burning in the hearth, air quality – both inside and outdoors – is much improved over homes using wood burning fireplaces. That cuts down on pollution.

Often natural gas fireplace inserts are used to provide “zonal” heat. With an insert, you can expect to heat 1,000 square feet of living space for a nominal cost. As a source of supplemental heat, indoor gas fireplaces can lower utility bills overall while 70 percent of generated heat from direct vent systems remains in the house.  This put less of a strain on natural resources.

Add a Mesmerizing Focal Point and Cozy Ambience

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Outside of the energy efficiency and value-added aspects of installing contemporary gas fireplaces in the home, they just plain look good – even when not in use. There are plenty of different surround styles from which to choose; there is sure to be one that blends perfectly with your household décor.

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But beyond the fireplace surround and mantel, you can easily change up the look of contemporary gas fireplaces. Choose from an inset direct vent model or one with two-sided glass. Make a choice between realistic logs, charred or not, or opt for beautiful fire glass, gems or shapes in lieu of traditional logs. You can also accessorize contemporary gas fireplaces with hearth decorations such as flame-proof metal acorns, branches and pine cones.

indoor gas fireplaces Hausers Patio

When it comes to customizing the style of your indoor gas fireplace, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Contemporary Gas Fireplaces are a Great Investment

No matter how you look at it, there is no downside to adding an indoor gas fireplace to your home. They create instant, clean warmth, a cozy ambience and their energy efficiency makes them a good choice for the environment.

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