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Quality craftsmanship and incredibly detailed design – this is what you will find in the beautiful tabletops of the Ancient Mosaic Studio line. And to complement those incredible marble and travertine designs, seating pieces utilizing durable aluminum frames and hand-tailored cushions as featured in the Castellano outdoor furniture collection are the perfect foil. Here is further information about these two fabulous collections available at Hauser’s Patio.

Ancient Mosaic Studios Tabletops

Where is the most obvious place to showcase intricate details and gorgeous design in your backyard, pool deck or patio living space? On a tabletop, of course. And the Ancient Mosaics Studio collection from Castellano makes it easy to find an outdoor table that is sure to turn heads.

Ancient Mosaics tabletops are all hand-crafted from the finest of Italian marble and travertine stones. Although the designs are reminiscent of Old World Europe, these pieces are made entirely in the United States by artisans using top-notch techniques and modern technology.

They are available in a wide array of styles but if you don’t see exactly what you have in mind, there is also an option to custom order a tabletop that blends perfectly with your luxury outdoor living space.


Ancient Mosaic Corsaro Hausers PatioAncient Mosaic Casablanca Hausers PatioAncient Mosaic Antibes Hausers Patio


Ancient Mosaics tables are available in round, square and oblong shapes. Although the designs are classically inspired, they are anything but old-fashioned. Take a look at these tabletops, any of which would look perfectly at home in a contemporary outdoor living space.

Color is another option that is widely represented in Ancient Mosaic Studio designs. From the classic pairing of black and white in checkerboard or wave patterns to lush green marble to touches of red and blue in intricate cross designs, you are sure to find the perfect hue to complement your backyard style.


Ancient Mosaic bungalow rainforest Hausers PatioAncient Mosaic Barcelona Hausers PatioAncient Mosaic Antiope Hausers Patio

When you opt for a tabletop that is such a showstopper, whether it utilizes an Old Spanish pattern or a more rustic, tactile surface, you will want to keep the chairs surrounding it simple, with minimal pattern and perhaps just a pop of understated color. With this gorgeous round table, for instance, the aluminum-frame chairs incorporate a scrolled design but it isn’t too much to take away from the beauty of the tabletop.

Ancient Mosaic table and chairs Hausers Patio

Castellano Aluminum Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture crafted with aluminum frames, there is no shortage of manufacturers. However, what makes Castellano unique is that they offer seating and dining furnishings in 23 different finishes on the cast and extruded aluminum that forms the frames. And those unique finishes are the perfect showcases for the hand-tailored cushions that adorn each piece.

Castellano aluminum furniture is finely crafted to last a lifetime. It is meant to be passed down from one generation to the next. The durable aluminum frames and high quality upholstery fabrics used in this collection are particularly well-suited to our southern California climate. They will stand up equally well to scorching sun and dense fog, high temperatures and sea salt spray.

Castellano Regency chaise Hausers Patio

Pieces from the Castellano collection can be put to work anywhere in your outdoor living space. Poolside, these Regency chaises are the ideal way to provide a safe and luxurious place to lounge on a hot summer day. Choose the finish for the frame and then select the perfect choice of fabric color and pattern to make these gorgeous chaise lounges uniquely yours.

Castellano Bungalow sofa Hausers Patio

When it’s time to move into the shade, this Bungalow seating set provides classic style that will always look good no matter how your style changes. It looks equally at home in a traditional setting with lots of greenery as it does in a contemporary setting with its flowery details.

Castellano Ivy chairs Hausers Patio

An Ivy sofa and chairs is a popular choice, as well, especially with a gloss white finish as pictured. This bright but neutral backdrop ensures that any color or pattern upholstery will be outstanding.

Castellano Echo dining set Hausers Patio

Of course, a day in the beautiful San Diego sunshine is sure to make you work up a good appetite. This Echo dining set from Castellano uses an open latticework design reminiscent of foam-tipped waves. Pick a contrasting cushion color for maximum pop in your backyard furnishings.

When Only the Most Beautiful Designs Will Do

Let’s face it, there are lots of choices when it comes to lovely outdoor furnishings for your backyard, deck and patio. But it’s hard to beat the intricate designs and heirloom quality found in the Ancient Mosaics and Castellano collections available at Hauser’s Patio. We are confident you will be just as impressed as we are with these unique pieces, all of which are sure to enhance the beauty and comfort of your luxury outdoor living space.

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