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No doubt you’ve been following the news about the heavy snows and freezing temperatures affecting the entire Eastern region of the United States. And no doubt that makes you feel even better about living in temperate, sunny Southern California. It would be a shame to waste our beautiful weather by spending all your time indoors. With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways you can comfortably sit on your back patio or deck and relax, no snow shovels or parkas necessary, to enjoy the great outdoors year round – such as adding outdoor fire pits.

Portable Outdoor Heaters

For a simple and easy way to bring warmth to wherever you wish to hang out, portable outdoor heaters are an excellent solution. Fueled by propane, these units are ideal in a situation where you have a large outdoor space and move about it often. Because this heater is portable, it moves with you throughout the back yard. This is also an excellent option for outdoor parties. With additional people on the deck or patio, a portable outdoor heater ensures that everyone is warm and cozy throughout the evening.

Outdoor Fire Pits


Of course, one of the more popular options for heating your backyard is with outdoor fire pits. If you have not been shopping for outdoor fire pits recently, you will be amazed at the choices you have regarding style, size, material, shape, finish, texture and fire media.

fire table Hausers Patio

You can pick between counter height, dining height, occasional table or chat height, for instance. Round, square, rectangular or pillar – whatever shape suits your outdoor space is available. Look for options in metal or glass fiber reinforced concrete for the base and porcelain tile, copper or other metals for the top.


If the design element of a fire pit is the most important consideration, rest assured you have plenty of options. Whether your taste runs to southwestern, contemporary, traditional or classic European there is sure to be a style that fits perfectly into your outdoor décor.

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For some, it is function over form that plays a key role in the decision. Once again, your choices are nearly endless. There are outdoor fire pits made specifically to join seating arrangements, as dining tables or bar height fire pits for bar stools or standing. No matter how you plan on using your fire pit, we can recommend a model that functions just as you wish.

Outdoor Fireplaces

gas fire pit Hausers Patio

For a more permanent solution, you may want to add an outdoor fireplace to your luxury living space. Decide whether you would like to fuel the fireplace with propane or gas and then it’s merely a matter of finding a design that catches your eye.

What most people like best about an outdoor fireplace is how clean, easy and quick they are to use. Add a remote for ultimate convenience and you’ll be enjoying cozy, realistic flames outside in a matter of seconds. An outdoor fireplace not only adds warmth and character to your luxury outdoor living space, it also adds to the value of your home.

Are you ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful winter weather we enjoy here in the San Diego area? Then you must make plans to stop in to Hauser’s Patio soon to look at our portable heaters, outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

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