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All About Frankford Umbrellas

In this article, we are showcasing one of our finest manufacturers of outdoor umbrellas: Frankford. This company earns the spotlight this month due to their wide array of sizes and styles, commercial grade materials and extreme durability. What more could you want from a shade feature in your beautiful backyard oasis? Read on to find all about Frankford Umbrellas and how they can enhance your outdoor living space.

About Frankford Umbrellas

Frankford umbrellas at hausers patio luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Frankford Umbrellas has been in business for more than a century, but their designs are anything but old-fashioned. They are constantly redesigning their shade features to look modern and sleek. Not only are they beautiful, but they are durable. Frankford uses only marine grade, nine-ounce solution dyed acrylic for the canopy fabric. This fabric is resistant to mold and mildew, easy to clean and made specifically to reduce sagging or stretching. In fact, the fabric has a warranty of 7 – 10 years while the frame is warrantied for up to five years. Frankford is an American company headquartered in New Jersey.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Eclipse and Aurora

If a cantilever umbrella is what you are looking for due to its space-saving feature of forgoing a center post, then these two models from Frankford Umbrellas are sure to be of interest.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Aurora cantilever umbrella from Frankford

The Frankford Umbrellas Aurora model features Infinity Tilt, which allows you to effortlessly position the umbrella exactly where you need it. It provides plenty of protection from the sun and rain, but it is not recommended for areas subject to high winds.

Eclipse cantilever umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Eclipse Cantilever Umbrellas from Frankford Umbrellas

The Eclipse is another cantilever umbrella from Frankford Umbrellas which is mounted in-ground. It also uses Infinity Tilt to make changing position easy and it can even be rotated a full 360 degrees. It is so durable and well made that the Eclipse is a favorite for commercial applications.

Umbrellas over 10’

Octagon and Square Shapes

These large umbrellas are referred to as the Giant Market Series. The G Series is a center post umbrella you are likely to see in high-end resorts. This is a freestanding umbrella that covers maximum space from a center post.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Nova G-Series umbrella from Frankford Umbrellas

The Nova is one model of G-Series umbrella from Frankford. The frame is made from reinforced extruded aluminum which connects to an impressively hefty 4” mast with a 9-ounce marine grade canopy. It is specifically made to withstand harsh weather conditions and be nearly maintenance free. This is one of a very few in the industry that does not require a permanent installation.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Greenwich giant market umbrella from Frankford Umbrellas

The Greenwich is another G-series Frankford umbrella. It utilizes an aluminum frame with a single center post of 3 mm thickness, which increases its lateral strength. This makes it an ideal choice for windy locations. It’s finished in polished silver with a marine chrome plated aluminum finial which makes it look very upscale. It’s easy to put up and take down thanks to the commercial double pulley system.

Patio Umbrellas

Catalina and Laurel

Lastly, Frankford Umbrellas make a nice variety of patio umbrellas perfect for the residential setting.

Laurel 7 5 octagon manual lift wbutton luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Frankford Umbrellas Laurel 7.5′ Octagon Manual Lift W/Button

The Laurel is a Frankford patio umbrella with a frame that uses zinc-plated ribs, and stainless-steel parts. These materials make the Laurel very durable. Its also easy on the eyes, with a wide array of canopy fabric choices and lift options. There are three frame builds available depending on your shade needs.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Frankford Umbrellas Catalina fiberglass patio umbrella

For the sunny afternoons prevalent in Southern California, the Catalina Fiberglass Patio Umbrella is an excellent choice. It features a durable fiberglass frame and heavy gauge resin parts which make it acceptable for commercial applications as well as residential. It also features three frame builds and a powder-coated finish with lots of canopy fabric color options. This umbrella uses a manual lift system with an EZ-up spring.

If you are in the market for a new shade feature, then these Frankford umbrellas should be at the top of your shopping list.

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