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Once you have looked over all the possibilities and made a decision to purchase new, high-quality furnishings for your outdoor living room, keeping your purchases looking great year after year requires some additional tasks. Luckily, this is easy with the right products at hand. Here we present several items that go perfectly with all your luxury outdoor furniture purchases.

Jensen Outdoor Wood Shield for Ipe Wood

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The first step to protecting your luxury outdoor furniture purchases crafted from Ipe wood is to apply Jensen Outdoor Wood Shield before use. Simply rub it on with a rag to all surfaces in order to repel water and stains. If you do this before you place your new furnishings outside, it will offer an initial layer of protection to keep your outdoor furniture looking beautiful in any season and any weather.

Penofin Furniture Restoration Kit / Penofin Ipe Aftercare Kit

If your luxury outdoor furniture is made of Ipe wood and needs more than a simple cleaning, then these two products from Jensen Outdoor are perfect for restoring your furnishings to their former beauty.

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The Ipe Aftercare Kit include both a brightener and oil finish. This will bring back the luster of the wood’s natural grain. The brightener restores the pH balance of the wood to prepare it for oiling. Simply apply this product to the finish, then rinse off with water. Follow this with an application of the Penofin oil and let it sit for half an hour then remove any excess with a soft rag. Voila – it will look like new again!

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For outdoor furniture that needs a bit more TLC, opt for the Penofin Ipe Restoration Kit. This includes all the products you need to restore your Ipe furnishings in a three-step process using a wood cleaner, stripper and brightener. After applying the three products, silvered Ipe wood will be restored to its original, deep brown finish and can be oiled for additional luster and shine.

Hauser’s Patio Outdoor Furniture Cleaning and Protectant

For other types of luxury outdoor furniture purchases, we strongly recommend our Patio Furniture Protectant and Patio Furniture and Fabric Cleaner. Both these products are our proprietary blends made specifically to keep your powder coated, HDPE, plastic, acrylic and vinyl furniture clean and protected.

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At Hauser’s Patio, we use our own Patio Furniture and Fabric Cleaner on each piece of furniture we sell prior to delivering it to your home. After you receive your furniture, we recommend applying it on a regular basis to ensure that dust and dirt don’t get trapped into the grain and crevices of your luxury outdoor furnishings. Since it works on both frames and fabric, this is a product you will want to use at the beginning of each season and before you store any items. It also works great for marine and automotive applications.

Patio Furniture Protectant Hausers Patio

Our other proprietary product, Hauser’s Patio Furniture Protectant, is a great option for outdoor pieces that are beginning to show their age. With this one product, you can both clean and protect nearly any outdoor furnishing made of woven materials, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass and powder coated finishes. You can even use it for automotive applications, such as vinyl upholstery and plastic trim.

When you wish to keep your purchases looking like new, these after care products for your luxury outdoor furniture purchases make it easy.

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