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Many homeowners in the San Diego area furnish their space – both indoor and out – with contemporary pieces. It’s an easy style to put together and always works well with a beach vibe and vistas of clear blue sky and sea. If your own home is decorated in this style, then you will surely be interested in learning about these 5 new trends in contemporary patio furniture.

1. A Blast from the Past

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Although you might consider contemporary furnishings to take their cues from the here and now, the reality is that today’s outdoor furniture is actually based on styles that were popular from the 1950s through the 1970s. And no, that doesn’t necessarily make them mid-century modern. The contemporary patio furniture available on the market today uses pops of bright color, traditional silhouettes, and curvy shapes. For instance, the Naardi Net Lounge chairs pictured above embrace new contemporary style while maintaining the traditional lines you would not be surprised to find in vintage outdoor furniture.

2. Flexible Furniture

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Trending in contemporary patio furniture are easy to move pieces that makes rearranging your outdoor space easy. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, flexible pieces allow you to easily push the furniture against the walls (or fence) when an impromptu dance party starts. Pieces such as the Radius 16” round tea table shown here exemplify this principle. It can be used as a stool, too, making it multi-functional as well as easily moved. Modular furniture that can be reconfigured, such as a sectional sofa, is also popular this year.

3. Make it Move

Gloster 513 Halifax Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair Hausers Patio

Movement is also a big trend in contemporary patio furniture. Whether it rocks, glides, swings, or swivels, it’s all about movement – no static furniture here. Pieces with movement means you won’t be sitting still for long and that’s especially good if you have kids. An outdoor lounge chair like this Gloster Halifax model both rocks and swivels, providing plenty of motion.

4. Define and Divide

Patio table and chairs in San Diego CA Hausers Patio

Your outdoor space will be easier to define by zone if you use a few key pieces to define an area for a specific use or divide a large outdoor “room”. Although the Naardi Eco Partition shown here was made with a commercial application in mind, it would be a lovely addition to a roomy backyard that needs definition. Another use would be to partition off a space set aside for the kids to play so their accumulated toys and games are hidden. You could also use a set of these Naardi partitions in a small area, such as an urban balcony or rooftop, to provide privacy.

5. Fire Fun

Fyre spheres Hausers Patio

No luxury backyard oasis would be complete without at least one fire feature to go with your contemporary patio furniture. While most modern fire pits use propane or natural gas, there are also models available now that burn bioethanol or gel fuel. Look for cool new shapes and sizes. You might also want to opt for an unusual fire pit media, such as these Fyre spheres, which is sure to give your outdoor space a contemporary vibe.

We hope these 5 new trends in contemporary patio furniture have inspired you to add fresh style to your backyard, patio, or pool deck.

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