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3 Modern Reasons You Need an Outdoor Fireplace

Are you still on the fence about adding an outdoor fireplace to your luxury backyard oasis? Now that we are using our backyards and patios more than ever, it really makes sense to add a heat source. While fire pits, fire bowls, fire urns and other, smaller fire features are always popular, they just cannot replace a fireplace to complete an outdoor living room. In addition to increased usage and added livability, here are 3 modern reasons you need an outdoor fireplace for your home.

1. Add Definition and Structure to the Space

Our outdoor living rooms are often sprawling spaces that encompass lots of square feet or even acreage. Learning how to delineate this space is key to making it look and function like an extension of your home’s indoors. Installing an outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to add definition and structure to the open space around it.

Mariposa outdoor fireplace hausers patio
This Mariposa outdoor fireplace is a larger size, to heat an expansive luxury outdoor living room in style.

An outdoor fireplace can be used to create a boundary or wall that marks off an area meant for a specific purpose, such as a seating area. Or it could be the defining segregation between your backyard and your neighbor’s. Think of it as an anchor that you can place anywhere that makes sense for your needs and purposes.

2. Create a Vertical Focal Point

Similar to how an outdoor fireplace adds definition and structure to your backyard living room, it also instantly creates a vertical focal point. For this purpose, choose an outdoor fireplace of classic style, with a tall chimney reaching toward the sky, although contemporary styles of similar width and height are still quite eye catching. As someone walks into your backyard oasis, their eyes will be instantly be drawn to this vertical focal point.

Outdoor firefall fireplace hausers patio
An outdoor propane fireplace such as this Grand Cordova firefall fireplace easily becomes the focal point of your backyard oasis.

In terms of design, start with the fireplace and work around it. As the focal point of your backyard, add pieces that complement it. Sofas and chairs with ottomans and occasional tables are always welcome additions to reinforce the comfortable and cozy atmosphere the fireplace creates. Since it is the vertical focal point, keep other furnishings of varying, shorter heights.

3. Enhance Light and Warmth in the Outdoors

Finally, an outdoor fireplace is a natural component to increase the light and warmth throughout your outdoor space. This helps enhance the functionality of your backyard or patio so you can comfortably use it all year long, no matter the weather.

Outdoor gas fireplace hausers patio
The American Fyre Grand Cordova fireplace provides plenty of space for gathering around the flames.

In addition to the inherent warmth, crackling flames from instant gas ignitors and realistic looking logs are sure to draw people close. You may want to further enhance the effect by adding subtle lighting in nearby trees or shrubbery or a lighted pathway leading to the seating area in front of the fireplace.

Winter get-togethers are sure to be cozy and comfortable when you include an outdoor fireplace around which to gather. It allows you to create a magical space that is defined, has a natural focal point and is full of light and warmth.

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