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11 Ways to Create a More Relaxing Backyard

11 Ways to Create a More Relaxing Backyard in San Diego & Beyond

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Learn How to Create a Relaxing Backyard With Hauser’s Patio

Your home is your retreat and should feel cozy and relaxing. No matter where you live or the size of your backyard, creating a comfortable outdoor space can help you maximize your enjoyment of your home. Investing in relaxing backyard landscaping ideas can also boost your home’s value and curb appeal. Whether you’re a homebody or someone who loves to entertain at home, the outdoor patio furniture experts at Hauser’s Patio can help you select the perfect pieces. Learn how to create a more relaxing backyard, whether you live in San Diego, CA, where we’re based or elsewhere. We ship our durable, high-quality furniture nationwide, so feel free to browse our products online or in person.

1. Declutter Your Backyard Relaxation Area

Creating your ultimate backyard oasis begins with decluttering your space. Have your children outgrown their swing set or sandbox? Do you have rusty, broken outdoor patio furniture occupying your patio or deck? Getting rid of unused or outdated items in your yard is a step in the right direction. Starting with a clean slate can help you visualize the backyard relaxation area you’ve always wanted.

2. What’s More Important – Your View or Privacy?

Does your home offer a fantastic view of the neighborhood or nearby scenery? If you’re lucky enough to own property facing woods, mountains, or water, you may want to avoid blocking your view with bulky furniture or trees. On the flip side, you may yearn for more backyard privacy with higher walls, fencing, overhead roofing, privacy hedges, and other landscaping elements. Creating a relaxing backyard is about identifying priorities and considering what makes a cozy environment for you and your family.

3. Invest in Comfortable Outdoor Patio Furniture

The key to enjoying your outdoor living space is to make it warm and inviting. You may already have an outdoor furniture set, but how cozy is it? The more comfortable you feel stretching or lounging, the more likely you are to spend hours relaxing in your backyard. Hauser’s Patio can help with all your outdoor patio furniture needs. From chaise loungers to swivel rocker lounge chairs and outdoor sofas with cushions and matching ottomans, we can help you find the comfortable seating you desire. Our outdoor furniture offerings are as durable as they are comfortable. Products we carry are constructed of the highest quality materials, including rust-free aluminum frames and weather-resistant upholstery.

4. The Sun’s So Bright, You Need to Add More Shade

Whether you live in sunny San Diego or the Midwest, shade is a valid concern, at least during the summer. Protecting your family and outdoor patio furniture from the sun’s damaging rays is vital. Investing in umbrellas, awnings, cabanas, and other shade features can help you enjoy the great outdoors without getting too much sun. Picture yourself sitting on your patio with a fun, fruity drink in one hand and a book in the other, all while relaxing under the shade provided by an umbrella.

Adding shade features is a practical investment in your health and well-being. It can also give your outdoor living space a resort-like feel, making you more likely to get outdoors. Consider adding a gazebo or pergola structure with sheer curtains around your comfy chaise lounge chairs for the ultimate luxurious look and feel. You may not want to go indoors ever again!

5. Outdoor Lighting Can Help You Set a Festive Mood

Outdoor lighting can help create a cheery atmosphere that encourages your family to gather outdoors more often. String lights can be fun and festive, setting the right tone for entertaining. Candles and throw pillows can also add a comfy feel. Outdoor lighting is not only beautiful and calming, but it also helps prevent trip-and-falls in your backyard and deters would-be trespassers. Outdoor lighting is also perfect for illuminating focal points. A well-lit home will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

6. Personal Touches to Make Your Space Feel Like You

Relaxing backyard ideas to consider include adding personal touches that won’t break the bank. Customizing your backyard relaxation area will make it feel more like an extension of your home and you. Outdoor patio furniture comes in various textures, colors, and styles to complement your style and personality. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you can add accessories to match, ranging from cushions and seat pads to throw pillows and blankets. Mirrors, artwork, and knickknacks aren’t just for the indoors. Incorporating these decorative elements into your outdoor living spaces can create more visual interest. Your newly transformed space will make the great outdoors feel cozier.

7. Fire Pits Create a Warm, Cozy, & Relaxing Backyard

Depending on where you live, you may experience cooler temperatures during the fall and winter. A fire pit or fireplace can help you add warmth and enjoy your outdoor living space year-round. We carry several hearth and outdoor heating products at Hauser’s Patio, including outdoor fireplaces, heaters, fire pits, and all their accessories. We’d be happy to recommend the best gas or wood-burning fire pit or fireplace for your needs. Imagine being able to cuddle around the fire for a romantic evening at home with your partner or roast s’mores with the kids in the comfort of your backyard.

8. Make Your Space Feel More Open With a Focal Point

Establishing a focal point can make a small backyard feel more open and inviting. This could be anything from a garden to a water feature, such as a fountain, birdbath, wading pool, or koi pond. Making your space look and feel larger can make it seem more relaxing, especially if you add water elements. Water has a soothing quality, making it perfect for those looking to create a calm outdoor retreat.

9. Add a Splash of Color With Plants & Landscaping

Many scientific studies have been devoted to plants’ positive effects on people. Adding a bit of greenery to your backyard or patio can be a mood booster. Whether you plant flowers, shrubs, or trees or add hanging plants to your patio, your space will feel more vibrant and alive. Choosing plants that look natural in your backyard setting is essential to creating the right ambiance.

While we all may desire to live in an exotic tropical locale, the reality is these types of plants may not thrive in a desert or alpine climate. Talk to your local landscape designer or nursery greenhouse to determine what landscaping elements and plant species are recommended in your area. Other relaxing backyard landscaping ideas to consider include swinging benches, hammocks, cottage-like pathways, enchanting water features, hanging vines, and arbors for a picture-perfect patio.

10. Upgrade With an Outdoor Kitchen for Al Fresco Dining

While many families have a grill for backyard barbecuing, sometimes adding an outdoor kitchen can be one of the most rewarding ways to reinvent your backyard. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining while adding value to your home and lowering your energy bills. To create the ultimate al fresco dining experience, consider a new outdoor dining set from Hauser’s Patio. Our collection includes various table sizes and seating arrangements to help your family create memories and celebrate special occasions outdoors in style. There’s something to be said about eating under the stars or with a fresh breeze.

11. Have You Considered a Relaxing Pool or Hot Tub?

Investing in a swimming pool or hot tub can help you maximize your enjoyment of your backyard while improving your mental and physical health. Swimming is an excellent, low-impact workout suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Lap swimming and water aerobics can help you lose or maintain weight while reducing your risk of heart disease and strokes. It can help strengthen your lungs and brain.

Soaking in a hot tub can also be a mood booster, helping you to relax and alleviate sore muscles. Being in the water helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and inflammation while promoting better sleep and circulation. Whether you choose to add a pool or hot tub, you’re investing in something you’re enjoy for many years to come. Hauser’s Patio can help you add pool deck furniture and shade to transform your backyard into your own private paradise.

Outdoor Patio Furniture to Help You Create a Relaxing Backyard

Established in 1963, Hauser’s Patio specializes in outdoor patio furniture, with one of the largest selections made in America. Based in San Diego, we offer the convenience of in-store and online shopping, with shipping available nationwide. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you with relaxing backyard ideas to suit any budget or preference. From furniture to upholstery and shade products, we’ve got all your outdoor needs covered. Contact us today with any questions, and let’s get started on building your dream backyard together with durable, easy-to-maintain products! 

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