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Top 10 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Gas Fireplace in San Diego

If you own a home in the San Diego area, an outdoor gas fireplace is a must. It is something that you may find yourself using all year round and it adds value to your home. In addition, here are 10 more reasons why you need to add an outdoor gas fireplace to your home.

Outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

  1. Makes the Outdoors Warm and Cozy

There are few things better than a fireplace for providing a toasty, cozy atmosphere. Just watching the realistic gas flames flicker is mesmerizing, but the heat is exactly what you need to feel snug on a chilly night. In front of the outdoor gas fireplace is where everyone will gather during parties and barbecues.

  1. Easy, Instant Warmth

Your outdoor fireplace is fueled by gas – either propane or natural gas – so it’s simple and quick to light it. Add a remote control to your outdoor gas fireplace, and it’s even easier to enjoy flickering flames and cozy warmth in minutes.

  1. Clean Source of Heat

Unlike traditional outdoor fireplaces, one that is fueled by gas requires no stack of firewood, no fire starters and no messy ashes to clean up. A gas fireplace is the clean and neat way to enjoy your luxury outdoor living space year-round.

Manhattan outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

  1. Low Operating Cost

Since you don’t have to source, buy and stack firewood, an outdoor gas fireplace is actually much more energy efficient and cost efficient than a traditional fireplace. Depending on where you live, your new fireplace can operate on natural gas or propane.

  1. Good Looks

No matter the style and landscaping of your back yard, there is a gorgeous outdoor gas fireplace to complement it. This becomes the focal point of your outdoor living area, sure to enhance your outdoor décor. Even when it’s not in use, it looks good with the addition of a decorative cover.

Grand cordova outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

  1. Size Matters

Do you have a large backyard, patio or deck? Then you need a grand fireplace that isn’t dwarfed by the dimensions of your outdoor space. Add extension panels to both sides for even more coverage. Even if you only have a small patio to warm, there is an outdoor gas fireplace just the right size to keep you warm in any weather.

  1. Cool Designs

Did you know? You can select various accessories and fire media to turn your outdoor gas fireplace into the piece de resistance of your backyard. We’re talking river rocks or glass gems instead of logs and special little touches, such as fireproof, decorative acorns, pinecones and branches. You can even choose a firefall, instead of a fireplace, for additional visual interest.

Outdoor firefall fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

  1. Easy Installation

At Hauser’s Patio, we not only sell the best outdoor gas fireplaces on the market, we can install them for you, too. Just select your favorite model and we will order it, deliver it, set it up and connect it to a gas source so you will be enjoying your new fireplace safely, in no time.

  1. Use Your Fireplace in Any Weather

With an outdoor gas fireplace, you will stay warm and toasty even when the weather is chilly, rainy or windy. Optional rain vents, wind guards and protector plates ensure that the gas flames stay lit.

  1. Durability

Finally, expect your outdoor gas fireplace to last a long time. Most are constructed from glass fiber reinforced concrete, which requires little maintenance to keep its good looks for years to come. Plus, all our outdoor fireplaces are backed by comprehensive warranties.

Let’s find the perfect outdoor gas fireplace for your backyard today.

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