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It is officially winter in San Diego. While that does not mean we are likely to see snow or subzero temperatures anytime soon, it does mean tis the season to add a hint of cozy warmth and flickering flames throughout your backyard living room.

Fire Pits

Chiseled fire pit luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Perhaps the most popular option for many San Diego homeowners, modern fire pits come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Most of them are portable, which makes them the ideal solution if you are not yet in your forever home. You can also choose from fire pits that moonlight as a grill, fire pits with cook tops, or those that function as decorative pieces of art in the backyard but also exude heat, such as fire urns, fire bowls and fire columns. Fire pits are the ideal way to add warmth and the mesmerizing dance of flames just where you need it.

Gas Fireplaces

Mariposa outdoor fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Mariposa outdoor fireplace is a larger size, to heat an expansive luxury outdoor living room in style.

For a larger and more permanent solution to adding a source of heat to your backyard oasis, consider installing a gas fireplace. While these hearth products are a more extensive project that will require installation of gas lines to the fireplace and permanent installation, it provides your luxury outdoor living room with an ambience that can’t be beat. And because it becomes part of your backyard oasis, a gas fireplace adds to the value of your home.

Outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The American Fyre Grand Cordova fireplace provides plenty of space for gathering around the flames.

There are many choices when it comes to shopping for gas fireplaces and other hearth products. Size is one; even if your backyard is not very spacious, you will find options that perfectly fit the square footage available. Material and style are two more ways you can customize a gas fireplace for your backyard. Another decision is whether you would like – or have availability for – natural gas or propane fuel for the fireplace. You may need to check with your local municipality to determine what regulations are in place in regard to allowed fuel types.

Outdoor Heaters

Hanging outdoor heaters luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Finally, another option to make your luxury backyard oasis cozy and warm is the addition of outdoor heaters. From a traditional patio heater that stands tall and is fueled by a propane tank to small heaters on brackets to infrared heaters that can be installed more permanently, there are plenty of ways to use outdoor heaters. They can be placed in any location that could benefit from a soothing source of warmth, such as along the eaves of a porch or deck, along the bottom edge of built-in seating, or located along the periphery of seating areas and walkways.

No matter where you need heat or desire a display of mesmerizing flames, Hauser’s Patio can easily provide the right hearth products – and do so with epic Southern California style sure to become the focal point of your luxury outdoor living room.