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In your quest to make the most of your outdoor living room, consider pepping up your side yard style. This oft-ignored little slice of backyard may not be a large area, but that does not mean it can’t serve a function as an extra seating, entertaining or play area/. Here are our suggestions for ways to add superb side yard style and make that little slice of your outdoor space functional, comfortable, and oh-so-livable.

Why Worry About Styling a Side Yard?

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This beautiful teak bench is long and narrow and would aptly fit a side yard.

Although it does not include a lot of square footage, a typical side yard is long and narrow. Often, there is no view to speak of. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. The space can be intimate and private while satisfying a need that cannot be met by the front or backyard. Stop using it to store trash and recycle bins or bicycles and bring in sophisticated style so you can enjoy the full square footage of your outdoor living space.

Spa Style

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How about adding a spa to this space? As long as there is a fence or another type of barrier (a hedge would be great) between you and the next-door neighbors, a side yard is ideal for providing the intimate space necessary for an outdoor spa, a place to hang towels, a side table for drinks and an outdoor speaker. If you have room, leafy palm trees can add a resort-like feel.

Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor grill Hausers Patio

Another popular option for side yard style is to transform it into an outdoor kitchen. It is not necessary to include a grill, outdoor refrigerator, and workspace right where you and your guests will dine. Slipping it around the corner from an outdoor dining set means diners will not be subject to billowing clouds of smoke, noisy clanking of utensils or the mess that invariably fills the counter space. Just as inside your home, it makes sense to keep the hustle and bustle of the kitchen away from the dining room.

Fireside Lounge

American Fire Designs standard outdoor fireplace Hausers Patio
American Fire Designs standard outdoor fireplace

Here is another idea – creating an intimate fireside lounge area. When you want a bit of privacy from the kids or backyard neighbors, a side yard fits the bill. Anchor one end of the narrow space with an outdoor fireplace and arrange informal seating pieces to take advantage of the warmth and the mesmerizing sight of the flames. Use string lights to add just the right bit of romantic lighting and several colorful, flowering plants to increase the sense of privacy.

Kids’ Play Space

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These Ciclo parabolic chairs are very durable.

If you prefer to retain the majority of your backyard for adult entertaining, consider using the side yard as a safe place for the kids to play. Be sure it has barefoot-friendly outdoor flooring and consider adding a built-in sandbox along the wall that adjoins the house. Easy care aluminum tables and chairs with durable cushions are a good choice for a seating arrangement. And don’t forget to protect kids from the sun with a market umbrella.

Your superb side yard style starts right now with a bit of thought and a few tweaks to turn the space into something functional.

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