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Did you know? If you are planning to add a majestic fireplace to your luxury outdoor living space, you can special order one with custom features. And you don’t even need to come into our expansive showroom (although we welcome personal visits) – you can actually order an outdoor gas fireplace online just as you desire. At Hauser’s Patio, we are proud to introduce this handy new feature on our website and introduce you to the gorgeous fireplace styles we carry.

American Fyre Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

American Fyre Designs Hausers Patio

We have chosen American Fyre as our vendor for outdoor gas fireplaces. This is because they make superior products crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). This composite material does not rust and will not burn. In addition, GFRC protects other materials nearby from heat. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable as well as resistant to severe weather conditions like sun, high moisture and sea salt spray.

outdoor gas fireplace Hausers Patio
The American Fyre Grand Cordova fireplace

But more than the way GFRC is durable is the beautiful look and textured feel of natural stone that it imparts to American Fyre outdoor gas fireplaces. This versatile material also allows the company to design with many different shapes, textures and colors.

The models of customizable American Fyre gas fireplaces carried at Hauser’s Patio include Mariposa, Cordova and Phoenix.

Choose Your Customized Options

First, determine the size of your outdoor gas fireplace. All of the models referenced above are available in different sizes and configurations.

Grand Mariposa Outdoor Gas Fireplace Hausers Patio
Grand Mariposa Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Now think about the logistics of installing your outdoor gas fireplace. You can choose whether or not your model is vented. This determines where the excess heat is displaced – through a vent or through the front of the hearth. You also have a choice about where the gas source comes into the fireplace (from the back or underneath) and where to place the gas valve (right or left).

American Fyre Reduced Grand Cordova outdoor gas fireplace Hausers Patio
American Fyre Reduced Grand Cordova outdoor gas fireplace

Once you’ve selected the model you are interested in, take some time to consider which aesthetic options will work best in your application. There are four colors to choose from: light or dark and two shades in between. Each pigment shade is blended with the GFRC material so it is cast all the way throughout the fireplace and will never crack, chip or fade.

American Fyre Phoenix with back vent outdoor gas fireplace Hausers Patio
American Fyre Phoenix with back vent outdoor gas fireplace

With the color specified, this is the perfect time to add fire media for your outdoor gas fireplace online order. While natural-looking logs are always a popular option, you may want to update your hearth with stones, fyre glass or fyre gems for a totally modern look.

It Couldn’t Be Easier to Order a Custom Gas Fireplace Online

We invite you to browse through our site and find the American Fyre gas fireplace online that best suits your needs and order it today. It does take several weeks for your custom fireplace to be delivered, so the sooner the better. In no time you will be able to easily install your new outdoor gas fireplace and enjoy its warmth and cozy ambience for years to come.

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