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Entertainer of the Year is…TUUCI Shade Structures!

How often do you use your luxury outdoor living space to entertain family, friends and guests? If your answer is, “Often,” that’s great. But perhaps your space could use a facelift, something new and fresh this year.?

And if your answer is, “Hardly ever,” then we need to work on getting your backyard up to snuff. And one of the easiest ways to decorate a memorable outdoor room is by adding the distinct style and beautiful functionality of TUUCI shade structures.

For either scenario, here are some ideas for creating an outdoor entertaining area that delights and provides shade and protection throughout.

Adequately Cover the Area

The first rule of thumb when planning an outdoor entertainment space is to ensure that all your guests are comfortable. And the best way to do that is by providing shade where it’s desired and needed.

Vineyard shade pod luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Here’s an excellent way to help everyone enjoying a poolside cocktail, conversation or lounge time slip beneath a bit of protection: the Vineyard Shade Pod Cantilever umbrella. This is the shade solution you need to cover large areas. Each quadrant is individually controlled meaning that is Aunt Sophia wants to work on her tan while Uncle George stays cool in the shade, and the older kids want to chat without the sun in their eyes, all are accommodated.

Make It Look Really Cool

Of course, you can’t forgo form for function. And TUUCI shade structures make it easy to combine both.

Tuuci stingray luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

A case in point is the TUCCI Stingray umbrella. This beauty could stand alone as a sculptural accent in a garden or on the deck of a yacht, it’s so sensuously shaped and gorgeously styled. But the Stingray is also extremely functional. This shade umbrella easily mounts to wood, concrete or lawn. Or, opt for a movable base so you can repurpose it on a whim.

Create a Resort Atmosphere

When your guests are invited to your home for a party or special event (National Ice Cream, anyone? Hot Dog Day?) they look forward to enjoying your hospitality and taking it easy. Why not create surroundings that help them imagine they are in the midst of a five-star luxury resort?

Tuuci umbrellas luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

With a market umbrella from TUUCI, it’s easy to see how you can incorporate this one important shade structure and emulate the grounds of the world’s finest resorts. It’s a beautiful addition to the entrance to your outdoor entertaining space.  Or, you can line up several market umbrellas to shade a row of lounge chairs, as shown in the photo above.

TUUCI Makes Your Entertaining Space Exceptional

No matter how and where you choose to place one or several TUUCI shade structures, they are certain to transform any luxury outdoor living space into something exceptional – and a place your guests aren’t likely to forget.

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