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Who hasn’t dreamed of adding a touch of European charm to their backyard? Even though you live in southern California, there’s no reason you can’t bring home memories – or dreams – of a European destination by adding some sophisticated elements to your luxury outdoor living room. One element that is de rigeur is a shade structure. A beautiful Jardinico Caractère umbrella is ideal for a touch of European style.


About the Jardinico Caractère Umbrella

Let’s start by delving a bit deeper into the company that makes these beautiful shade structures. It’s called Jardinico Caractère. This company has been around for 15 years designing outdoor furniture, textiles and umbrellas. Within the past decade, the company’s CEO and technical designer came up with the idea of adding a line of artistic umbrellas that utilize superior Belgian design. The result is four different collections of stylish shade umbrellas, as well as a daybed that oozes luxurious comfort. All pieces are without compare in terms of quality, fine detail and aesthetic components.

The way that Jardinico Caractère defines these collections says it all: “pure class in every detail.”


European Style in Your Back Yard

What type of style embodies the casual elegance of a European seaside resort? Usually it is clean lines in classic forms with little embellishment but big in relaxed comfort and elegant style. Think of turquoise waters lapping up onto a pristine white beach dotted with sleekly modern lounge chairs and modular tables. Or perhaps you are viewing the seascape from the balcony of a European rental home or hotel, on an expansive deck lined with a patina-ed metal railing and warmed by a fire in an ancient brick stove.

Jardinico caractère umbrellas luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

What is that picture missing? A shade structure to protect you from the rays of the sun during the day, beautiful in both form and function. And in Europe, that shade umbrella could easily be one from a Jardinico Caractère collection.


Advantages of a Jardinico Caractère Umbrella

Although the umbrella is suspended from a sleek and slim pole, it is perfectly designed to withstand extreme weather, and do so quite beautifully. The shades are tautened to the point where they will last for years, yet the structure is quite easy to open with just a twist of the hand.

Woman walking out of pool under outdoor umbrella from hauser luxury outdoor living by hausers patio's Patio

Take a look at this umbrella from the JCP.4 collection. All of the structures in this collection are supported sideways by an elegant base heavy enough to keep it in place during periods of high wind. The canopy moves up and down to provide shade exactly where it is needed. These umbrellas are available in three sizes: square, rectangle or round.

Jardinico caractère umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

When you choose a Jardinico Caractère umbrella, you have a choice of four colors for the frame and lots of colors and patterns for the fabric. The fabric is exclusively Sunbrella®, material that is known far and wide for its ability to repel water, dirt, and mold while keeping its gorgeous hue. And Jardinico Caractère includes CleanGuard® treatment with each umbrella to help it withstand hazards of salt water spray, chlorine and beachside weather. Mix and match between the choices of frame and fabric colors to create your own unique shade structure that pairs perfectly with your existing outdoor furnishings.


Add a European Touch with Jardinico Caractère

Are you ready to add a bit of sophisticated style to your deck, patio or garden? Then the sleek design and gorgeous form of a Jardinico Caractère umbrella is just exactly what you need.