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Whoever said your luxury backyard living area needs to stick with boring white or beige for the color scheme? While there are times you want to incorporate neutrals instead of competing with the exciting hues found in nature, there are just as many instances when it makes sense to liven things up a bit. Take a look at these ideas for using a southern California must-have – Treasure Garden shade umbrella – as a way to color your outdoor world in style.

Start with a Treasure Garden Umbrella

Before you even begin to think about color, think about the quality and durability of the shade umbrella you choose to grace your backyard, patio or pool deck. It should be available in lots of different sizes to fit your space and at least several different styles, including tilt and cantilever. Of course, many different fabric selections, as recommended here, make it easy to decorate your luxury outdoor space.

You get all this and more with Treasure Garden umbrellas, which are manufactured and produced right here in Southern California with an eye for detail and consistent quality.

Pick Your Upholstery and Use a Garden Umbrella Accent

You may want to start decorating your outdoors by choosing the perfect style of patio furniture and an upholstery color and/or pattern that fits your design sense. Once that’s in place, then it’s time to coordinate one or two or three or more shade umbrellas to ensure that every foot of your outdoor space is usable and functional, no matter the direction of the sun.

Treasure Garden shade umbrellas Hausers Patio

Take a look at this example of beautifully coordinated outdoor furnishings. The simply styled chairs sport cushions covered in a kicky stripe. The umbrellas take their hue cue from four of those boldly colored stripes. The result? A dynamic pop of color to transform your pool deck from boring to beautiful.

Atonal Outdoor Décor

Here’s another idea – use a deep, rich shade of upholstery fabric to cover your seating pieces, then add a cantilever umbrella in a color just a shade lighter or darker.

treasure garden green umbrella Hausers Patio

This seating arrangement is a perfect example of how nicely this atonal color scheme works in a lushly landscaped backyard. It takes its cues from the natural greenery in the landscaping, adds a subtle tone to set the color apart, then lightens it up a shade for the expansive umbrella. While it is all based on a single color – green – this outdoor room achieves a classic, multi-dimensional look.

Contrasting Color

Yet one more way to add visual interest to your outdoor décor is by picking a single, bold hue and using it as an accent to earthy neutrals.


Treasure Garden umbrella Hausers PatioShown here is a seating arrangement against a stunning backdrop of green hillsides. The main colors in this vignette are beige, browns and golds. But the addition of a brilliant red umbrella and pillows transforms this luxury outdoor living space into something memorable. While all the other hues are atonal, the addition of a crimson shade umbrella provides a wow factor that is anything but garish.

How could you incorporate a beautifully sculpted Treasure Garden shade umbrella in your backyard?

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