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Treasure Garden Umbrella Options

Is your luxury patio in need of a new shade feature? Perhaps it just needs some freshening up. With all the Treasure Garden umbrella options, it is easy to find a beautiful shade feature that fits perfectly with the style, colors and existing décor in your outdoor living room. Take a look.

Treasure Garden Market Umbrellas and Shade Umbrellas

Treasure garden customizable umbrella online luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This treasure garden shanghai cantilever umbrella is sunny and bright in yellow

Treasure Market is a company best known for its shade features. They offer both market umbrellas and shade umbrellas with wood or aluminum frames (choose black, bronze, white or silver colors), straight or cantilever. They come with push button tilt, collar tilt, auto tilt and crank lift as options. Their umbrellas are available in an octagonal, rectangular or Shanghai (round) shape and lots of different sizes which makes them the ideal solution for providing shade in small, large or oddly configured spaces.

Select a Fabric

Treasure garden umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This treasure garden umbrella uses colors and pattern to tie it into the surrounding furnishings and landscape

Once you have decided on a style and frame material, it’s time to select a fabric for the canopy. Treasure Garden umbrella options include Bella-Dura, O’bravia, Solefin and acrylic. Most of our customers opt for the latter material, since acrylic is quite colorfast and durable. One of the choices for acrylic canopy fabrics is the famous Sunbrella, best known for the way it stands up to weather, wind, sun and sea spray. It also repels mold, mildew and degradation from outdoor exposure.

Pick a Pattern

Treasure garden umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This treasure garden umbrella in a beautiful coral shade is just the thing to perfectly shade an intimate dining set

Next up is picking a pattern or solid color for your Treasure Garden umbrella canopy. With over 50 different solid hues and exciting patterns, there is sure to be one or more that catch your eye. There are even stripes, florals and various textures that each gives a different look to your shade feature. Treasure Garden umbrella options for canopy fabrics are so wide that you may have a difficult time choosing just one – but why limit yourself?

Treasure Garden Umbrella Options – All the Rest

Here are a few more things to consider when ordering your custom Treasure Garden umbrella.

Steel base with casters luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This square steel base has casters to make it easy to move your treasure garden umbrella

Where will your shade feature be placed? Does it need to be secured in the ground (concrete, wood or ground) or will it be mobile (with casters)? This will determine the type of base you need. Bases for the umbrellas are available in square or round shapes and in various colors and finishes, so that is another consideration for the overall look of your custom shade feature.

Treasure garden umbrella light kit luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This treasure garden umbrella light includes a bluetooth speaker

Another option is whether or not you include a lighting kit with your Treasure Garden umbrella. All of our umbrella lights use long-lasting LED bulbs. Some of them even include Bluetooth speakers, which make it really convenient to pump up the jams at your next outdoor gala.

Treasure Garden Umbrellas Fit Your San Diego Lifestyle

No matter what Treasure Garden umbrella options you choose, you can rest assured that you are purchasing one of the finest shade features on the market today. These umbrellas combine good looks with superior durability and an excellent warranty. You can’t go wrong with Treasure Garden umbrellas providing the shade and style you need and want in your luxury backyard space.

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