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Every San Diego homeowner needs an eco friendly fire pit in their backyard oasis – at least that’s our contention. There is nothing quite as mesmerizing, romantic and comfort-inducing as a fire pit putting out a warm glow. Here is everything you need to know about adding a fire pit to your luxury outdoor living room and making it the environmentally friendly choice.

Skip the Wood and Opt for Gas

Here in San Diego, wood burning fire pits are permitted as long as there are not hazardous conditions in place which would prevent their use. However, homeowners’ associations and the CC&Rs in your specific community might prohibit fire pits that use wood.

Although they are allowed, a wood-burning fire pit is not the eco-friendly choice since it produces air pollution – and adds to an existing problem. Instead of using a fire pit fueled by wood, consider adding one that uses natural gas or propane. These models burn much cleaner and they can still be used if the city is under a wood burning ban.

Advantages of Gas Fire Pits

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In addition to the fact that gas fire pits are more eco friendly, they are also much easier to use and maintain. Many of our fire pits come with a remote control. All of them are very easy to turn off and on with a simple flick of the switch. There is no need to buy and stack wood, nor do you need to clean up the mess that comes from piles of kindling and the ashes left behind after a fire.

Plenty of Styles and Designs

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There are plenty of different styles and designs available, too. Whether you’d like a fire pit in the middle of a dining table or one surrounded by rustic tiles, there is certain to be at least one that perfectly meets your needs. They are made from various, durable materials including metal, concrete and manufactured substances made to resemble their natural counterparts. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes, too.

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One big advantage in terms of aesthetics is the ability to use various media on top of the gas lines. For instance, bits of colored glass can really change the look of your eco friendly fire pit. Protect the environment even more by opting for post-industrial glass which has been melted down and repurposed. You can also choose the more traditional lava rock or even river stones specifically treated for use in a fire pit. A windscreen made of Plexiglas not only protects the flames but also adds a subtle design element.

Using Natural Gas

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One thing to be aware of is that, when using natural gas to fuel your eco friendly fire pit, the unit needs to be safely and securely installed as well as immobile (if you choose propane, that is not an issue). You may need to hire a professional to run the gas line to the fire pit. Do be aware of regulations that determine how far away from your home the fire pit needs to be.

When you are ready to add an eco friendly fire pit to your backyard oasis, just give us a call and we will help you find the best model in your preferred style and design.