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With fall in the air, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your home cozy and warm in the cooler temperatures sure to come. The perfect solution for our southern California is an indoor gas fireplace with realistic logs and perhaps even gorgeous glass or gems. Take a look at the ways you can add warmth to your hearth and home with these beautiful and functional hearth products and hearth accessories from Hauser’s Patio, your newest hearth store retailer in San Diego.

Fireplace Burners

indoor gas fireplace burner Hausers Patio
A new gas burner for your indoor fireplace makes it more efficient and warm

As you probably know, indoor gas fireplace components do not last forever. If you have an existing indoor fireplace that has seen years of use, it may be time to replace the burner unit. It’s also a good idea to go with a new burner if you would like to increase your fireplace’s output capacity or perhaps decrease gas usage.

At Hauser’s Patio, we carry new gas burners for your indoor fireplace in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations – even a see-through model to show off glitzy hearth glass and gems. If your gas fireplace is in need of a new burner, we can install it for you, as well. Don’t wait until the evening chill is upon us; call now to get your fireplace burner upgraded to the latest, most energy saving model.

Indoor Gas Fireplace Logs

indoor gas fireplace logs split oak Hausers Patio

Here’s another way to upgrade your existing indoor fireplace – by adding new gas logs. There are many different options when it comes to changing the look of your logs – charred, artistic configurations, classic logs, logs with a stainless steel booster grid, a three-tiered system for bigger flames and see-through log sets. Pick the style that best suits your décor and your need for a warm ambience in any room of your home. Create a soft glow or big flames. With any option, these logs for your indoor gas fireplace look exceptionally real.

Fire Glass

gunmetal fire glass Hausers Patio
This fire glass is a metallic gun metal color

If you want to make a big, beautiful change in the look of your indoor gas fireplace, try adding decorative glass to the hearth. There are a couple choices for size and shape, which include round and smooth or glass pieces with crystalline edges that brilliantly reflect the light. There are plenty of different colors – anything from orange to turquoise, green to metallic – with one sure to look gorgeous in your fireplace. The great thing about this glass hearth accessory is that they never burn or melt, so they last a lifetime. Make your home and hearth stand out in a creative way by adding fire glass to your gas fireplace hearth.

Order Now and Beat the Rush

Get your indoor fireplace up and running now. Call us or stop by to see the selection of hearth products we carry at Hauser’s Patio. We’ll even install them for you. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient to upgrade your gas fireplace for the cool temperatures of fall and winter that are on the way.

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