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Does the name “Treasure Garden” evoke images of a secret hideaway, a special outdoor space where you can relax amidst the calm and peace of beautiful foliage and sitting areas nestled into lush corners along stone pathways? With one of the beautiful, stylish shade umbrellas from the innovative Treasure Garden company, your vision of a beautiful garden oasis can easily come true.

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About Treasure Garden

Treasure Garden has been in business since 1984, building an excellent reputation on their high quality, handcrafted umbrellas unlike any other available on the market today. They incorporate modern technology to produce market umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas of durable materials, most of them manufactured from their raw state. The quality is consistent, attention to detail evident and the standards are high.

Treasure Garden is a company that continually invests in R&D to provide the latest, greatest innovations in shade umbrellas while retaining the attention to detail that makes their products one-of-a-kind. These are outdoor furnishings that enhance the usability of your backyard, patio or garden by providing movable shade options that are meant to withstand the test of time.

Why You Need Treasure Garden Market Umbrellas in Your Outdoors

Sure, it’s great to incorporate some permanent shade options in your outdoor living space. This is especially true for covered front porches and back decks or patios. But sometimes, it makes more sense to use a portable option, such as cantilever umbrellas. These umbrellas allow you to not only move the entire shade umbrella, but to tilt the fabric shade so that it blocks the sun’s rays as they move across the sky.


steel base with casters Hausers Patio


Treasure Garden has taken this concept one step further. They have some mobile bases with casters that are convenient and cool. These beautifully designed umbrella bases, available in either round or square shapes, have casters on the bottom. That makes them easy to move across your pool deck or to the other side of the sitting area, as needed. You can also lock the wheels into place to prevent the umbrella from moving.

Of course, if you want your Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella to have a permanent home in your backyard garden, there is also an option for a concrete, in-ground or wood mounting kit. This will keep your umbrella in a sturdy position throughout the summer while allowing you to store the umbrella when your flowers have died and a hint of cold tinges the air.

Treasure Garden Has the Perfect Style For You

Treasure Garden shade umbrellas Hausers Patio

In addition to all the different places and ways you can use a Treasure Garden market umbrella in your luxury outdoor living space, there are also plenty of options in regard to color and style. Choose from dozens of different fabrics for the umbrella shade and lots of materials with varying styles for the bases. Whether you are partial to Art Deco vibes, a plantation state of mind or purely modern style, there are many ways to customize a Treasure Garden umbrella just for you.

Where could you use a Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella or market umbrella in your great outdoors? Let’s explore the possibilities together and find the perfect way to make your backyard a peaceful garden space you will treasure forever.

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