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There is one outdoor furnishing that needs to be a part of every luxury San Diego outdoor living room: a shade feature. No matter how many deeply cushioned seating pieces or occasional tables and ottomans for comfort you include, this space would not be complete without shaded areas throughout. Yes, you probably already have a covered patio, but why limit your time outdoors to one area? The best way to take advantage of the gorgeous views and beautiful greenery in your backyard is to develop several, small seating areas that invite you and your guests to roam about and enjoy it all. And if turning your backyard oasis into a resort-style staycation destination is the goal, then nothing but TUUCI shade features will do.

Why Choose TUUCI Shade Features?

TUUCI Stingray Hausers Patio

There are many brands on the market that offer outdoor umbrellas for consumers. But there is only one brand that we feel best exemplifies the luxury lifestyle in San Diego and that’s TUUCI shade features and umbrellas. Their designs are strikingly unique and engineered to last for years in a marine climate. The head-turning shapes and styles will complement any outdoor décor. TUUCI umbrellas are an investment in your backyard oasis that you will not regret.

TUUCI Shade Features are a Poolside Must

TUUCI shade features are a natural addition to a swimming pool area. But how best to use them in order to invoke a resort atmosphere in your own backyard? Take a look at these images for ideas.

Tucci shade umbrella Hausers Patio

Here, the homeowner has really embraced a resort-style backyard by lining up lounge chairs alongside the pool and using a TUUCI umbrella to individually shade each one. This provides a very luxurious experience for your family or guests.

TUUCI shade structure Hausers Patio

This Ocean Master Crescent umbrella has a large span that easily provides shade to a pair of lounge chairs poolside.  This is an ideal option when you have limited space available on the pool deck.

Tuuci Vineyard shade pod Hausers Patio

Lastly, here is a lovely arrangement of comfy sofa and chairs next to the pool, shaded by a Vineyard Shade Pod Cantilever umbrella for ultimate shade coverage.

TUUCI Shade Features Help You Enjoy the View

The pool is not the only place where TUUCI shade features are a welcome addition to your backyard oasis. Wherever you place an outdoor seating area to enjoy the fantastic view from your home is the perfect place to add a TUUCI umbrella so you can relax in comfort and style.

TUUCI umbrellas Hausers Patio

This view of an urban island is enhanced by a pair of deeply cushioned chairs shaded by a Vineyard Classic Cantilever umbrella.

tuuci manta shade feature Hausers Patio

Look how this gorgeous Manta umbrella from TUUCI strikes a chord against the blue sky and a classic lighthouse on the horizon. Isn’t this unique shape evocative of a resort atmosphere?

tuuci cantilever umbrella Hausers Patio

If you are lucky enough to have a beach in your backyard, this Vineyard Fiberflex Classic umbrella is a perfect choice for a mobile shade feature to keep you cool while enjoying the water.

For a luxury outdoor living room that provides the stylish comfort of a resort, TUUCI shade features are designed to be both functional and fabulous.

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