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You are a discriminating Southern California homeowner who is passionate about creating a luxurious backyard oasis. So the last thing you want to worry about is having cookie-cutter features installed. That’s why Hauser’s Patio now has custom outdoor fireplaces to add a touch of cozy warmth and elegant beauty to your outdoor living space. One of those is the Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace by American Fyre. Here’s what you need to know about this classically styled, gas-burning fireplace.

Why Choose American Fyre?

American fyre grand cordoba outdoor fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio At Hauser’s Patio, we carefully vet each and every manufacturer whose outdoor furnishing and accessory lines we carry. American Fyre is no exception to this rule. Not only are their designs masterfully crafted from glass-reinforced concrete meant to last long past their three-year warranty period, they are available with lots of customizable options. This makes American Fyre, and particularly the Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace, a very popular choice with our discerning clientele.

Customize the Basics

Grand petite cordova outdoor gas fireplace by american fyre luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Grand Petite Cordova outdoor gas fireplace by American Fyre
The Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace is fueled by natural gas or propane, and it comes with a firebox liner. You can customize features such as whether or not you want the fireplace vented (which exhausts heat out the top or back of the unit) and where to place the key valve (either on the right or left side). You choose where the gas source comes from; the back (which requires extra clearance space) and underneath the fireplace are the two options.

Customize Its Looks

Outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The American Fyre Grand Cordova fireplace
First of all, the Grand Cordova is available in several different sizes and configurations. Select which one will work best in your luxury outdoor living room based on its location and any size restrictions. There is everything from a Grand to Grand Petite to Reduced in terms of size. The various models all look just a little bit different in terms of height and style and hearth tailoring, as well.
American fyre reduced grand cordova outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
American Fyre Reduced Grand Cordova outdoor gas fireplace
What color scheme does your backyard oasis use? You will be glad to know there are four different options for the color of the Sedona heavy texture finish on the Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace – everything from light to dark. Customize your outdoor gas fireplace further by opting to add accessories such as a rain cap, scroll screen and protector plate. Of course, the species and look of the gas log set you choose also make a big difference in its style.

A Customized Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace is What You Need

Will all its features, durability and ways to customize the look and functionality of a Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace from American Fyre, why not picture it gracing your backyard oasis. Both stylish during the day and inviting on chilly nights, a customizable outdoor gas fireplace from American Fyre is just the thing for every luxury San Diego outdoor living room.