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As the weather warms up and we once again look forward to the change of seasons, why not start your spring cleaning outdoors? Taking the time now to renew, refurbish and repair your outdoor furnishings and features means you can relax and enjoy your backyard, patio, or deck later as the weather gets even nicer. We have a few tips for keeping your outdoor furniture in tip top shape and ready to entertain.

Start with a Good Wash

After a winter of gathering dust, dirt and debris, the best place to start spring cleaning outdoors is with a good wash. A simple spray of water from a garden hose is often sufficient for making outdoor fireplaces, pathways, concrete, decks, and the exterior walls of your home look new again.

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For outdoor furniture with cushions and umbrellas, it may take more than water to get them clean again. At Hauser’s Patio, we offer our own proprietary patio furniture cleaner specifically formulated to clean vinyl, acrylic fabrics, aluminum frames and furnishings made from HDPE. For spring cleaning, we suggest diluting the formula with plain water in a spray bottle. Apply the solution to your furniture, then hose it off to reveal sparkling clean surfaces.

Protect Your Investment

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Once your patio furniture is clean, take the next step and use a protectant to keep it looking fresh and renewed. Our proprietary outdoor furniture protectant works well on nearly any type of material, including powder coated finishes, weaves, HDPE and vinyl. It is non-greasy and nontoxic. A bonus is that this product keeps automobile and boat plastic trim and vinyl interior finishes protected, as well.

Our protectant is easy to use and easy on the environment since it is completely biodegradable and uses no petroleum byproducts in its manufacture. Simply rub it on your outdoor furnishings and watch the color brighten and the metal shine again. Your patio furniture will instantly be protected against adverse environmental conditions, such as UV rays, smog, oxidation and dirt.

Make Repairs

Patio Furniture Repair Hausers Patio

With your outdoor furniture cleaned and protected you may want to take some time to be sure it is in good working order. Oftentimes, gliders, lounges and rocking chairs don’t move quite like they should. Bushings become worn out and rubber pieces deteriorate. Sling chair fabric may have become frayed. In all these cases, the patio seating pieces could actually be dangerous and cause a hazard to anyone sitting in them.

If you do not feel confident performing these repairs yourself, it is good to note that Hauser’s Patio can take care of the repairs for you. We can easily replace slings, bearings, bushings, and other parts as well as ensure that all the joints and welds are secure. Find more information on our Patio Furniture Repair page.

Why not start your outdoor spring cleaning now? By the time you are ready to spend more time outside the furniture in your backyard oasis will look fresh, renewed and inviting.

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