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Buying Guide to Finding the Perfect Chaise Lounge Part III

In this final installment of our three-part series on finding the perfect chaise lounge for your luxury outdoor living area we get to the fun stuff: picking out the style that best suits your tastes and adding accessories to make this piece of furniture even more comfortable. If you have not read Part I and Part II of buying the perfect chaise lounge, we suggest you read those installments first, then come back here to finish up the series.

Chaise Lounge Styles

When it comes to finding the perfect chaise lounge style, there are plenty to choose from – everything from traditional to contemporary, wood to wicker, large to compact. Which one you pick truly depends on your own sense of style and the existing outdoor furnishings it will be paired with.

Barlow tyrie capri ultra lounger luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

For a traditionally styled chaise lounge, it is hard to beat this Capri Ultra Lounger. Crafted from durable and beautiful Indonesian teak, this is a piece made to last. But it is more than just good looking. The Capri Ultra Lounger is designed for ultimate comfort. The backrest adjusts to four different positions and the leg rest is also adjustable. It features arms made for resting, wheels for easily moving to a new location and a sliding tray for drinks and more.

Dune sling stacking hydro lounge chaise luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

If your taste runs more toward contemporary, this Dune Sling Stacking Hydro-Lounge Chaise may be the perfect addition to your backyard. Made by Telescope Casual from MGP (Marine Grade Polymer), this chaise lounge can go directly into your pool. The sling is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns so it can complement existing outdoor pieces. Lightweight and stackable, this contemporary lounger is sure to become your favorite outdoor seat.

Barclay butera castelle savannah chaise lounge luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Made by Castelle, this Savannah Adjustable Sling Chaise Lounge exemplifies vibrant style. Designed by Barclay Butera, it features a base described as “tropical chinoiserie” crafted from aluminum cast to resemble the texture of bamboo. There are plenty of custom finish options, each of which transforms the good looks of this chaise lounge.

Accessories for the Perfect Chaise Lounge

Finding the perfect chaise lounge may also require adding a few items to increase the comfort level.

One such item is a lumbar cushion, which fits right into the small of your back when placed at the juncture between the backrest and seat of the lounger. This is especially welcome if you suffer from lower back pain.

Pool sun lounger with cushion luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

A set of cushions is another purchase to consider. Depending on the style of the chaise lounge you select, you could add plush comfort in the form of deep cushions to sink into. This also changes the look of your chaise lounge due to the many different colors and patterns available for selection.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Finally, finding the perfect chaise lounge may also necessitate finding a small side or accessory table to go with it. We may have plenty of just-the-right-size tables made from wood, wicker or polymer in all different heights and shapes.

After reviewing this guide on finding the perfect chaise lounge, we hope you are better prepared to make a decision for your luxury outdoor oasis. If not, any of our sales associates will be happy to help you by offering further information and sharing the extent of our online and showroom inventory.

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