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Is there anything better than laying back and relaxing on a chaise lounge while the sun is shining and the temperature outside is perfect? Well, maybe there are a few things but when it comes to enjoying time in your backyard oasis, there are few better options than a high-quality chaise lounge that hits your body and supports your back in all the right spots. In this first part of a two-part series of the buying guide to the perfect chaise lounge, we examine the best materials for a luxurious chaise lounge.

Chaise Lounges: An Origin Story

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Did you know? The first chaise lounges were identified as originating in ancient Egypt. Surely you can picture Antony and Cleopatra reclining on an armless bed of sorts, being fed grapes by servants while languidly lounging. It was not until a few centuries later, however, that the term chaise lounge was coined by the French. From there, this iconic piece of furniture became quite popular in the Victorian era, where it was usually upholstered and stuffed with horsehair.

Modern Chaise Lounge Features

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As we delve into this buying guide to the perfect chaise lounge, there are several features you should be on the lookout for. The size should be just right for supporting all parts of your body, but especially the back and head. Most modern chaise lounges are adjustable so you can fine tune the angle to fit your neck and head. Many of them feature a small neck pillow and often the foot of the lounger can be adjusted, as well.

A consideration for some of us is the ease of getting in and out of a lounge chair. Because they are low to the ground, it can be difficult to maneuver into place if you have mobility issues. Lack of armrests may cause additional difficulties in getting in and out of the chair.

What is Your Perfect Chaise Lounge?

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When it comes to deciding on the best material for your perfect chaise lounge, there are several considerations. Where will it be placed? In direct weather and sun, or tucked away from the elements? How about your body type? Are you big and tall or small and petite? Are you willing to perform maintenance, such as refinishing wood, or would you rather have a chaise lounge you can simply spray with a gentle cleaner and hose off?

Best Chaise Lounge Materials

In this buying guide to the perfect chaise lounge, we are providing you with a brief overview of the more popular materials for crafting a high-quality chaise lounge.


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Teak is a perennial favorite for outdoor furniture as it naturally holds up to the elements very well. It is durable and beautiful but does require periodic maintenance to keep its good looks. Over time, the natural finish of teak will turn to silver, which may or may not be preferred, unless it is restained.


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Another popular choice for chaise lounges is aluminum, which is lightweight and quite resilient. Aluminum holds up in any type of weather and environmental conditions well, although a strong wind could send your aluminum chaise lounge flying across the yard.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

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A modern choice is HPDE or polymer, a manufactured resin that can be crafted to mimic natural materials, such as wood or wicker. A chaise lounge made from HDPE is nearly maintenance-free with only an occasional cleaning required. It is durable and resistant to nearly any type of weather and fading from the sun. Often, HDPE is made from recycled components, which is better for the environment. It is available in a wide array of colors and styles.

This first part to our buying guide to the perfect chaise lounge should get you started thinking about where this piece of furniture would fit in your backyard landscape and which materials would work best in your circumstances.