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Does lying back and relaxing on a chaise lounge sound good about now? If you have not already read our previous post on finding the perfect chaise lounge, you may want to review that first. While that article goes over the history, features and the various materials available for modern chaise lounges, in this article we cover such topics as form, function, dimensions, sizes, and colors.

Chaise Lounge Considerations

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Chaise lounges are made to perfectly provide full body support. They are meant for relaxing and well, lounging, or even dozing.

But with that in mind, do be aware that many chaise lounges are low to the ground and armless, which makes getting in and out of them a bit difficult for some people. In this case, opt for a lounger with armrests and a sturdy base.

The perfect chaise lounge may also be a rather large piece of outdoor furniture, so be sure you have enough room on your pool deck, patio or porch to accommodate the size.

Dimensions and Sizes

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

What size should your perfect chaise lounge be? There are several factors to consider. As mentioned above, the outdoor space you have available is one. For another, the body size of you and your family needs to be considered.

Most chaise lounges are 73 – 80” in length, 35 – 40” high overall, and 25 – 30” wide. The seat itself is often between 42 – 48” long with a height of about one foot. Ideally, you would sample several different sizes in person to determine which is the most comfortable fit for your body. Obviously a tall, broad man will require a different seat width and overall length than a petite woman.

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Also think about how many lounges you want to add to your outdoor living space. For two or more, it is best to leave at least a couple feet in between. Review the allotted space and measure to ensure there is enough room and then decide on the perfect location.

Perfect Chaise Lounge Colors

Now that you have a better idea of where you will place your chaise(s), consider how it will look amidst the outdoor furnishings you already have. One of the considerations is what color to choose and whether to try and match existing pieces or go with a contrasting hue. Modern combinations usually center around a metallic finish or classic black or white. You can also add a pop of color by opting for a seat and back crafted from bright fabric or vinyl straps.

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If you prefer a chaise lounge made from wood such as teak or Ipe, there are usually several different finish colors available. Do keep in mind that teak wood will fade to silver over time, particularly if it is not regularly refinished.

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Aluminum frame chaise lounges can be powder coated in a variety of hues, as can chairs crafted from a processed material. You may choose to go with a metallic finish on an aluminum chaise. If you opt for a polymer or HDPE chaise lounge, the possibilities are even greater.  

Have you found the perfect chaise lounge yet? If you are still considering the options, then stay tuned for out last installment in this series, part III of our buying guide to the perfect chaise lounge.