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Experience the ultimate in outdoor convenience with Infratech’s Dual On/Off Switch Flush Mount Gangbox, designed to withstand the elements with its robust 20Amp weatherproof construction. This sleek switch allows for precise control of your exterior lighting or heating systems, ensuring energy efficiency and ease of use. The flush mount design ensures a seamless integration into any outdoor space, enhancing aesthetics while providing functionality. Engineered for durability and safety, this essential accessory is perfect for homeowners who demand reliability and style in their outdoor living areas. Upgrade your patio experience with Infratech’s trusted quality – SKU 144415 awaits to elevate your ambiance.

Product Specs
SKU 14 4415 Category Collection by Dimensions4.75 x 2.25 x 4.75 in (12.07 5.72 12.07 cm)Shipping ETAShips between 06-28 and 07-12

Maximize Outdoor Ambiance with Infratech’s Dual Control Switch

Enhance your outdoor living space with the Infratech 20A Dual Switch Gangbox, a premium dual on off switch designed for discerning homeowners. This weatherproof and durable switch offers unparalleled control over your outdoor lighting and heating systems, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. With the Infratech outdoor controller, you can easily adjust settings to match your mood while optimizing energy efficiency. The convenience of an outdoor lighting control system that is both easy to use and built to last makes this an essential upgrade for those who value functionality without compromising on style or quality.

Seamless Integration: The Flush Mount Gangbox Advantage

Enhance your outdoor living space with the sleek and stylish Infratech Dual On/Off Switch Flush Mount Gangbox. This innovative design offers a seamless integration into any exterior setting, ensuring that functionality does not detract from the aesthetic appeal of your patio or garden. The flush mount gangbox sits perfectly level with surfaces, eliminating unsightly protrusions and maintaining a clean, unobtrusive look. Not only does it blend beautifully with its surroundings, but it also houses a robust 20Amp weatherproof switch, capable of handling even the most demanding outdoor applications. Whether you’re controlling lighting or heating systems, this heavy-duty dual switch provides reliable performance without compromising on style.

Weather-Resistant Excellence for Reliable Outdoor Use

When it comes to outdoor electrical installations, the importance of a weather-resistant electrical switch cannot be overstated. The Infratech 20A Dual Switch Gangbox is a prime example of Weather-Resistant Excellence for Reliable Outdoor Use. This robust 20Amp weatherproof switch has been meticulously engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that your exterior lighting or heating systems operate flawlessly, no matter the weather. Its heavy-duty construction not only promises longevity but also guarantees safety and efficiency in all outdoor settings. Choose this commercial-grade double switch for unparalleled durability and peace of mind.

Heavy-Duty Performance Meets Commercial-Grade Quality

When it comes to managing your outdoor lighting or heating systems, the Infratech 20A Dual Switch Gangbox stands out with its heavy-duty dual switch capability. Engineered for both residential and commercial settings, this unit boasts a commercial-grade double switch, ensuring that it can handle high-demand applications with ease. The robust construction of this weatherproof gangbox guarantees reliable performance in even the harshest conditions. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home patio or need a dependable solution for your business’s outdoor space, this flush mount gangbox offers the perfect blend of strength and sophistication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Infratech 20A Dual Switch Gangbox ideal for outdoor use?
A: The Infratech 20A Dual Switch Gangbox is designed with a robust weatherproof construction, making it perfect for controlling exterior lighting or heating systems. Its heavy-duty design ensures that it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, providing reliable and safe operation in any weather. The flush mount gangbox seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space without compromising on aesthetics, offering both functionality and style.
Q: How does the dual on/off switch feature enhance my patio experience?
A: With its dual on/off switch capability, this flush mount gangbox allows you to have precise control over multiple electrical devices simultaneously. Whether you’re adjusting outdoor lighting ambiance or managing heat levels from an infrared heater, this commercial-grade double switch provides convenience at your fingertips. It’s all about maximizing energy efficiency while catering to your comfort needs – creating the perfect setting for entertaining or relaxing outdoors.
Q: Can I trust the durability of SKU 144415 in extreme weather conditions?
A: Absolutely! The Infratech Dual On/Off Switch Flush Mount Gangbox is engineered with a focus on durability and safety. Its 20Amp capacity coupled with its weather-resistant features means that even under extreme environmental stressors like rain, snow, or intense sunlight, this product maintains performance integrity so you can enjoy uninterrupted control over your external fixtures year-round.

Dimensions and features:

  • Gang Box: 4 3/4″ h x 4 3/4″ w x 2 1/4″ d
  • SS Plate: 4 3/8″ h x 4 3/8″ w
  • Weatherproof Cover: 5 1/2″ h x 5 1/2″ w x 1 1/4″ d (Tab on covers extends 1/4″)
  • Range: 120/277 VAC
  • Recommended not to exceed:
    • 208/220 VAC = 3000 Watts Max per Switch
    • 240/277 VAC = 4000 Watt Max per Switch
  • 20 Amps Max per Switch
  • can be used to operate two W Series heaters