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Infratech High-Quality Heating Elements – Optimize Your Heater’s Performance and Efficiency

Upgrade your electric heater with our premium Infratech replacement heating elements. Designed for exceptional performance and efficiency, these heating elements ensure your heater operates at its peak, providing consistent warmth and comfort throughout the year. Crafted using top-quality materials, our Infratech heating elements guarantee longevity, making them a smart investment for any homeowner.

Replacing your electric heater’s heating element not only enhances its overall efficiency, but also helps reduce energy consumption, ultimately lowering your monthly utility bills. Don’t let a worn-out heating element compromise your comfort – invest in a high-quality Infratech replacement today!

Finding the perfect heating element for your specific heater model is easy with our user-friendly website. Enter your heater’s brand and model number in the search bar, and our system will display the most compatible Infratech heating elements for your device. Alternatively, you can browse our extensive catalog, featuring detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision. Enjoy fast shipping and exceptional customer support when you shop with us.

To help you identify the ideal Infratech heating element for your electric heater, we’ve compiled a table of our most popular replacement heating elements, including their respective amps, watts, and heater compatibility

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Heating ElementAmpsWattsCompatible Heaters
E404820A4800WHeater Models W-48, WD-48
E4028SL18A2800WHeater Models SL-28, SLB-28
E402816A2800WHeater Models W-28, WD-28
E402715A2700WHeater Models W-27, WD-27
E4024SL14A2400WHeater Models SL-24, SLB-24
E402412A2400WHeater Models W-24, WD-24
E304820A3000WHeater Models W-30, WD-30
E3028SL18A1800WHeater Models SL-18, SLB-18
E302816A1800WHeater Models W-18, WD-18
E302715A1700WHeater Models W-17, WD-17
E3024SL14A1400WHeater Models SL-14, SLB-14
E302412A1400WHeater Models W-14, WD-14
E254820A2500WHeater Models W-25, WD-25
E252818A1800WHeater Models W-18, WD-18
E252715A1700WHeater Models W-17, WD-17
E252414A1400WHeater Models W-14, WD-14
E2428SL18A1200WHeater Models SL-12, SLB-12
E2424SL14A1200WHeater Models SL-12, SLB-12
E204820A2000WHeater Models W-20, WD-20
E202818A1200WHeater Models W-12, WD-12
E202715A1100WHeater Models W-11, WD-11
E202414A1000WHeater Models W-10, WD-10
E1628SL18A800WHeater Models SL-08, SLB-08
E1624SL14A800WHeater Models SL-08, SLB-08
E1612SL12A600WHeater Models SL-06, SLB-06
E142818A800WHeater Models W-08, WD-08
E142414A800WHeater Models W-08, WD-08