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Elevate your patio’s comfort and style with the Gensun Casual Amari Woven Ottoman. This all-weather ottoman boasts a chic woven texture, seamlessly blending elegance and resilience. Its robust frame ensures lasting durability, while the plush cushioning invites hours of relaxation under the sun or stars. Perfect as a standalone piece or paired with your favorite outdoor chair, this versatile ottoman is an essential addition to any discerning homeowner’s outdoor furniture ensemble. Experience luxury and leisure combined in one exquisite design with the Amari Woven Ottoman.

Product Specs
SKU 7025000G Category Collection by Weight13 lbs (5.9 kg)Dimensions22.5 x 26.5 x 19 in (57.15 67.31 48.26 cm)MaterialsAluminum, Woven (HDPE)Shipping ETAWarehoused finishes ship in 4-6 weeks, special order finishes ship in 30-34 weeks. Please contact us to inquire.


Grand Canyon



Desert Bronze





Midnight Gold





Chic White

Toasted Almond










Discover the Charm of Gensun Amari Woven Ottoman – Your Patio’s New Focal Point

Step outside and let your eyes settle on the Gensun Amari Woven Ottoman, a piece that effortlessly elevates your outdoor space to new heights of elegance. This isn’t just an Elegant Deck Footrest; it’s a statement of style, a testament to tasteful design that serves as both an essential Outdoor Furniture Accessory and a captivating centerpiece. Imagine lounging in the comfort of your patio, feet propped up on the plush cushioning of this stylish woven footstool, admiring how it complements and enhances your existing decor. The Amari Woven Ottoman is more than just a place to rest your feet; it’s the heart of your outdoor sanctuary.

Experience Unmatched Comfort with the 7025000G Luxury Ottoman

Step outside and indulge in the pinnacle of outdoor relaxation with the 7025000G Luxury Ottoman. Crafted by Gensun Casual, this Comfortable Porch Ottoman is designed to provide an unrivaled level of comfort and sophistication. The plush cushioning cradles your feet, offering a soft retreat after a long day. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet morning coffee or entertaining guests on the deck, this elegant piece elevates every moment to a luxurious experience. With its stylish woven texture and weather-resistant materials, the Amari Woven Ottoman promises not only comfort but also durability and elegance for years to come.

Weather-Resistant Patio Ottoman: Built to Last Through Seasons

Experience the epitome of outdoor durability with our Weather-Resistant Patio Ottoman, designed to withstand the elements and remain a staple on your patio for years to come. The Amari Woven Ottoman is crafted with high-quality materials that are impervious to rain, sun, and wind. Its robust construction ensures that it maintains its elegant appearance and structural integrity through scorching summers, rainy springs, and chilly autumns. Whether you’re looking for a stylish deck footrest or a comfortable porch ottoman, this piece promises longevity without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic appeal.

Stylish Woven Footstool: A Blend of Functionality and Elegance

Discover the perfect marriage of form and function with our Stylish Woven Footstool, an essential accessory for any sophisticated outdoor space. The Amari Woven Ottoman is not just a place to rest your feet; it’s a statement piece that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your patio or deck. Its elegant design features a chic woven texture that captures the eye, while its robust construction offers unwavering support and durability. As an Elegant Deck Footrest, it provides both comfort and style, ensuring that your outdoor living area remains both inviting and stylish. Whether used as a standalone accent or paired with other Gensun Casual seating options, this ottoman is sure to elevate the look and feel of your exterior decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Amari Woven Ottoman a must-have for my outdoor space?
A: The Gensun Casual Amari Woven Ottoman is an essential addition to any luxury patio setup. Its chic woven texture not only adds elegance but also ensures resilience against various weather conditions, making it perfect for both sunny days and starlit evenings. The robust frame offers lasting durability while the plush cushioning provides ultimate comfort, inviting you to relax outdoors in style.
Q: How does the design of the Amari Woven Ottoman enhance my deck’s aesthetic?
A: With its stylish woven footstool appearance, this ottoman serves as a sophisticated accessory that complements your existing outdoor furniture. Whether used as a standalone piece or paired with other seating options, it elevates your deck’s look by seamlessly blending functionality with high-end design.
Q: Can I leave my Gensun Casual Outdoor Seating out all year round?
A: Absolutely! The Weather-Resistant Patio Ottoman is designed to withstand diverse climatic conditions without compromising on its elegant appeal or comfort. This means you can enjoy luxurious relaxation anytime throughout the year without worrying about damage from sun exposure or rain.
Q: Is there versatility in how I can use this Elegant Deck Footrest?
A: Indeed! While primarily serving as a comfortable porch ottoman, its versatile nature allows it to be utilized as extra seating during gatherings or even as an impromptu table when topped with a tray – truly enhancing your outdoor living experience.