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Spring is finally here and that signals the start of spring cleaning. Not only should you take the opportunity to fling open the windows and attend to each room indoors from top to bottom, but you should also do the same in your outdoor space. This is the perfect time to inspect and examine each piece, make repairs, replace upholstery, and give everything a thorough wash or wipe down. This guide will help you with the annual task of outdoor spring cleaning patio furniture.

Cleaning Patio Furniture: Getting Started

refurbish rusty furniture Hausers Patio
We can completely refresh your outdoor pieces with new powder coating and straps.

Whether your outdoor furniture is still on the patio or has been stored away for the winter season, it’s always a good idea to gather it all together on a clean, hard surface such as a concrete driveway or pool deck. Examine each piece and be on the lookout for signs of rust, wobbly legs, missing fasteners and mold or mildew in cushions. Set aside anything that is not fit for use. If you’d like Hauser’s Patio to handle repair and refurbishment, just contact us and our professionals will be happy to make your outdoor furniture look new again.

Next Up: A Good Rinse

outdoor water hose Hausers Patio

One of the best ways to eliminate dust and dirt that may have accumulated over the winter is to spray everything down with a hose. If your garden hose won’t do a good enough job, you may want to invest in a pressure wand that will increase the volume and force of water going through the hose.

Do take care, however, with pieces that may rust if not wiped down with a soft cloth immediately. We often get asked the question, “Does cast aluminum rust?” Luckily the answer to that question is no. Unlike traditional cast iron garden furniture, cast aluminum patio furniture will not rust.

Tough Dirt and Stains

Patio Furniture Cleaner Hausers Patio

If a plain water rinse does not do the trick, try using special patio furniture cleaners to tackle the hard stuff. Hauser’s Patio has developed a proprietary patio furniture and fabric cleaner that works on nearly any type of outdoor furnishing. The mild yet effective formula cleans powder coated finishes, solution dyed acrylic fabrics, HDPE furniture, vinyl strapping, cushions, plastic and even umbrella canopies. Make the entire process easier with our handy patio furniture care kit, which includes everything you need to freshen up all the furnishings in your backyard oasis.  

Our patio furniture and fabric cleaner is concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. For tough stains, use it full strength by spraying on a bit of the formula, then scrubbing with a wet brush followed by a thorough rinsing. For general cleaning, dilute the formula in a bucket of water.

Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture Cleaning

Another common concern is how to clean powder coated aluminum furniture. Aluminum is a lightweight yet very durable material that is quite popular for outdoor furnishings, and it responds very well to Hauser’s patio furniture and fabric cleaner, especially when followed up with a coat of our own patio furniture protectant.

Finish with a Protectant

Patio Furniture Protectant Hausers Patio

For all materials other than fabric, sealing and protecting it from sun, dirt and dust is the best way to finish outdoor spring cleaning patio furniture. After cleaning patio furniture, take the time to finish with a protectant that will keep your outdoor pieces looking fresh and new throughout spring, summer, and into fall. Hauser’s multipurpose protectant formula is easy to spray on, then wipe off with a soft cloth and provides a subtle shine.

This is all you need to know to get your spring patio furniture cleaning done with minimum fuss and effort.

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