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Insert Comfort Here with a Gas Fireplace Insert

Does your San Diego area home have an indoor fireplace? If so, how long has it been in place? Is it a dirty, messy wood-burning fireplace with heat output that can’t be controlled? Perhaps it is a gas fireplace but it could use some spiffing up or modernization. In any of these cases, adding a new indoor gas insert could be an easy way to update your home’s interior.

Why Add a Gas Insert?

So, you already have a wood-burning fireplace. But is it really the cleanest, easiest, most efficient way to provide heat for the rooms in your home?

Consider how much time and effort is involved in procuring wood, stacking it, chopping it, and starting a fire in the grate. It’s a long and involved process and it does not produce instant heat. Not only that, the majority of heat is whisked away up the chimney straight to the outdoors.

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By replacing that wood stove with a gas insert, you will save both time and money. You will also enjoy instant warmth and coziness in any room of your room. Today’s gas inserts are clean, convenient and comfortable. And just like a wood-burning stove, a gas insert allows you to heat your home even when the power goes out.

About Gas Fireplace Inserts

Modern technology means that today’s gas fireplace inserts are rich with features that make them more convenient than ever and keep them producing clean warmth for many years. No matter the size of your wood-burning fireplace, there is sure to be a gas insert we can retrofit for a seamless fit.

Some of the best advances in gas fireplace inserts include a built-in thermostat to regulate heat and flames and the option to add a remote control, in addition to other ignition control options. There’s no need to fuss with your gas fireplace; this is the ultimate in convenience.

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There’s a difference in the look of a modern gas insert, as well. A wide range of burner systems are available, depending on what type of media (logs, gems, glass, etc.) you select for your gas fireplace. Most include an updated booster grid system to make the fire and glow of your gas logs more intense. The burner controls are hidden to give your gas insert a compact footprint to better fill your fireplace. All of the gas fireplace inserts we feature can be fueled by natural gas or propane. And, finally, there are lots of options for fiber-enriched ceramic logs that look incredibly real; some options even include charred edges.

Add a Gas Insert to Your Fireplace Today

Why waste another day on the tedium of caring for a wood stove that is inefficient and costly? By adding a modern gas insert to your fireplace, you will experience convenience, comfort and clean, cozy warmth.

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