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Replacement Cushions

Hauser’s Patio manufacturers replacement cushions for just about any piece of furniture you can image. We use Sunbrlla fabrics and either hi-density foam or reticulated foam, the choice is yours. Regardless of how old, or new your furniture is, we can have a cushion manufactured to fit.


Examples of commonly requested cushions

Seat Pad


18″ Square X 2″ Thick

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Seats pads are relatively universal. They can be used on bar stools, benches, dining chairs, and on some ottomans.



Chair Cushion


22″ Wide X 45″ Long X 3″ Thick

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This dining chair cushion is hinged at 23″ from he top of the cushion. This cushion may fit dining chairs, lounge chair, and if multiples are used, love seats, gliders or sofas.



Chaise Cushion


23″ Wide X 72″ Long X 3″ Thick

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Add some comfort when you sunbath, relax by the pool, or read a book in the shade. This cushion has a total of size ties, so it won’t slide around as your sitting onto or off of your chaise.




Factory Ordered Replacement Cushions

Most of the manufacturers we represent offer replacement cushions for their furniture. Your sales person will work with you and the factory to determine the collection and type of pieces you have. We may need photo’s of the furniture so we can identify the collection. Once identified, you can pick from the manufacturers fabric offerings, many of which feature exclusive Sunbrella fabrics.

Custom Cushions

If you furniture didn’t come with cushions, or replacements are no longer offered by the manufacturer, we can make custom cushions for you. While custom cushions can cost a bit more than a factory replacement, the benefits of customization and personalization outweighs the additional cost. We can make just about any cushion you may need. Anything from a 40′ horseshoe shaped bench to an outdoor dog bed with bone shaped pillow – you name it, we’ll make it.

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Custom Dog Bed w/ Bone Shaped Pillow
Custom bench cushion follows the contour of the benchnbsp - Hausers Pationbsp
Custom bench cushion follows the contour of the bench
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Custom bench cushion with three different sizes of toss pillows