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Need a replacement canopy for Treasure Garden Push Button, Collar, Auto-Tilt or Glide-Tilt umbrella? This item includes a single wind vent canopy, if you have a double wind vent, a valance, or a designer series canopy, please contact us for assistance. This is a factory direct replacement canopy made by Treasure Garden. Additional fabrics and canopy sizes and styles are available for order.


This canopy fits the following Treasure Garden styles:

  • Push Button Tilt (UM970_)
  • Glide Tilt (UM977_, UM970_)
  • Crank Lift (UM8811RT0_)
  • Auto Tilt (UM810_, UM812_, UM8810RTO)
  • Collar Tilt (UM800_, UM801_)
  • Starlux Collar Tilt (UM800_LX)


Select your canopy size and fabric below.


If you are not sure which type you have, we may be able to assist you. With a photo and a specific measurement we can help you determine which umbrella you have, please contact us if you need help.


How to I remove my Treasure Garden canopy?

Removal and installation is straightforward and typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Some umbrella canopies are held onto the frame with a screw at the end of each rib, otherwise there will be a pocket for the rib to slide into. Determine which type you have by do not remove yet.

  • Close umbrella and lay down on a clean surface.
  • Remove the finial by turning it counter clockwise. Set aside for reinstallation. (Need a new finial?)
  • Canopy with pockets:
    • Remove the canopy from the rib pockets by holding the rib with one hand and the canopy pocket with the other hand, pull the umbrella rib out of the pocket by pulling down (towards the crank).
  • Canopy with screws:
    • Remove the screws from the ends of the ribs holding the canopy to the rib. Save screws for reinstallation.
  • Canopy is now free from the frame. To install, reverse above instructions.
Make It Yours!

Available for special order! Expected to ship between 11-05 and 11-19



Sesame Linen


Jockey Red




Forest Green




Cast Lagoon


Spectrum Indigo


Pacific Blue


Cast Ocean



Antique Beige


Cast Ash

Bliss Pebble

Cast Silver

Beacon Ash

Cast Slate



Heather Beige


Treasure Garden


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