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Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Telescope Casual Rustic Polymer Top Table. This 42″ x 120″ rectangular extension table blends timeless rustic charm with modern durability, featuring a robust polymer top that resists weather and wear. Ideal for gatherings, its extendable design comfortably seats additional guests. The elegant craftsmanship ensures this piece is not only a functional asset but also an aesthetic centerpiece for your patio or garden. Discover the perfect balance of style and utility with this exquisite dining table at Hauser’s Patio today!

Product Specs
SKU 529 Rustic Categories , , Collection by Weight183 lbs (83.01 kg)DimensionsMaterialsAluminum, Marine Grade Polymer (MGP)Shipping ETAShips between 07-21 and 08-04Seating Capacity10 dining chairs fit at this table. (Assuming chairs 22" wide)American MadeAmerican Made Patio Furniture



Cape Grey



Teak Rustic



Warm Grey







Discover the Charm of Telescope Casual’s Extendable Rustic Dining Table

Experience the perfect fusion of traditional allure and contemporary innovation with Telescope Casual’s Extendable Rustic Dining Table. Crafted to captivate, this Rustic Outdoor Dining Table is a testament to Telescope Casual Furniture‘s commitment to excellence. The table’s robust polymer top showcases an elegant rustic finish that withstands the elements, ensuring your alfresco dining space remains timeless. Designed for versatility, it effortlessly transforms from intimate family meals to grand gatherings with its expandable feature, making it ideal for any occasion. Embrace the ease of hosting with this exquisite piece that defines Elegant Backyard Entertaining Furniture, offering an unparalleled blend of beauty and functionality for your outdoor retreat.

Experience Elegance with Our Weather-Resistant Polymer Top Table

Indulge in the seamless blend of functionality and sophistication with our Rustic Polymer Top Table. This exquisite Polymer Top Extension Table is meticulously designed to withstand the elements, ensuring that your outdoor dining space remains timeless and elegant. The robust surface resists fading, staining, and weather-related damage, making it an ideal Durable Garden Dining Table for all seasons. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or a cozy autumn feast, this Weather-Resistant Polymer Table maintains its allure without sacrificing durability. Embrace the charm of alfresco dining with confidence and style.

Elevate Your Patio with a 42×120 Rectangular Extension Masterpiece

Transform your outdoor space into a haven for gatherings and celebrations with the 42×120 Rectangular Patio Table. Its generous dimensions make it an ideal choice for hosting large family dinners or elegant soirées under the stars. The table’s shape is perfectly suited to accommodate a variety of patio layouts, from spacious garden terraces to intimate balcony settings. With its ability to extend, this piece of Elegant Backyard Entertaining Furniture offers versatility and ensures that no guest is left standing. Whether you’re serving brunch in the sunshine or dinner by moonlight, this table will be the centerpiece of your outdoor living area.

Crafting Memories: The Perfect Addition for Your Outdoor Feasts

Imagine your family and friends gathered around the Durable Garden Dining Table, sharing stories and laughter under a canopy of stars. The Telescope Casual 42×120 Extendable Rustic Dining Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s the heart of your outdoor space, where memories are crafted with every feast. Its robust polymer top withstands the elements, ensuring that this table remains the backdrop for your elegant alfresco dining year after year. As an essential part of your Elegant Backyard Entertaining Furniture collection, it promises to be the centerpiece that brings people together for unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Telescope Casual Rustic Polymer Top Table ideal for outdoor dining?
A: The Telescope Casual Rustic Polymer Top Table is designed to elevate your alfresco dining experience with its blend of rustic charm and modern durability. The robust polymer top ensures resistance against weather elements, making it perfect for any outdoor setting. Its 42″ x 120″ rectangular extension design allows you to comfortably seat additional guests, ensuring that everyone has a place at the table during gatherings. This elegant piece not only serves as a functional asset but also acts as an aesthetic centerpiece in your patio or garden.
Q: How does the extendable feature of this dining table benefit entertaining outdoors?
A: Entertaining outdoors becomes effortless with the expandable feature of our 42×120 Rectangular Patio Table. Whether you’re hosting intimate family dinners or larger social gatherings, this table can be easily extended to accommodate more guests, providing ample space and comfort without compromising on style. It’s an essential element for anyone who loves flexible and elegant backyard entertaining furniture.
Q: Can I expect longevity from my purchase of this durable garden dining table?
A: Absolutely! Crafted by Telescope Casual Furniture – renowned for quality – this Durable Garden Dining Table promises longevity through its construction materials and craftsmanship. The weather-resistant polymer top withstands various environmental conditions while maintaining its appearance over time, offering peace of mind that your investment will endure season after season.
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