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Since 1984, Treasure Garden has built a reputation of leadership by producing top quality, custom-made, handcrafted umbrellas. Combining advanced technology with the latest color and fabric trends, we continue to enhance our products and their performance every year. We are committed to providing the largest and most innovative selection of shade solutions to suit all your needs and include umbrella lighting and furniture cover protection.

Product Specs
SKU LUNAPRO-0 Category Collection by Weight2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)Dimensions9.84 x 9.84 x 3.06 in (24.99 24.99 7.77 cm)

Illuminate Your Evenings with the Luna Pro 160 LED Umbrella Light

Transform your outdoor evenings into a luminous experience with the Luna Pro 160 LED Umbrella Light. This innovative patio umbrella lighting solution, brought to you by the reputable Treasure Garden, is designed to create an enchanting atmosphere that extends your outdoor activities well past sunset. The energy-efficient LED light casts a warm and inviting glow, ensuring that your patio becomes a cozy haven for relaxation or social gatherings.

The Luna Pro 160 LED is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality. With its powerful 160 LED bulbs, this cordless umbrella LED light illuminates your space sufficiently to dine, read, or simply unwind under the stars. Its weatherproof design means that you can enjoy consistent and reliable lighting no matter the conditions outside. Moreover, being a product of Treasure Garden—a brand synonymous with quality and innovation—you can trust in the durability and performance of this top-tier outdoor lighting solution.

Easy to install and operate, this LED umbrella light attaches seamlessly to your patio umbrella, providing immediate enhancement to the ambiance of any outdoor setting. Whether you’re hosting a late-night barbecue or enjoying a quiet evening with loved ones, the Luna Pro 160 LED ensures that your night-time patio experiences are never cut short due to lack of light. Embrace the night with confidence and style with this essential addition to your outdoor living space.

Treasure Garden’s Commitment to Quality in Outdoor Lighting

At the heart of Treasure Garden’s esteemed reputation lies a steadfast commitment to quality, particularly evident in their outdoor lighting solutions. The Luna Pro 160 LED umbrella light is a testament to this dedication, embodying innovation and excellence in every aspect. As an essential Treasure Garden umbrella accessory, it has been meticulously designed to not only illuminate your evenings but also enhance the ambiance of any outdoor space. Crafted with precision, each unit boasts energy-efficient LED lights that offer bright, long-lasting illumination while being gentle on the environment.

The durability of the Luna Pro 160 LED ensures that your patio remains lit up regardless of weather conditions. This weatherproof umbrella light is engineered for resilience and longevity, ensuring that it stands as a reliable source of light through countless nights. The cordless design further emphasizes convenience and ease-of-use, allowing you to position your lighting exactly where you need it without worrying about power sources or tangled wires.

Treasure Garden’s approach to creating such an innovative outdoor lighting solution reflects their broader ethos: a relentless pursuit of perfection combined with an intuitive understanding of what makes an outdoor space truly inviting. By choosing a Treasure Garden product like the Luna Pro 160 LED umbrella light, you’re not just purchasing a simple accessory; you’re investing in years of research and development aimed at delivering unparalleled quality and performance in outdoor lighting.

Energy Efficiency Meets Style: The Advantages of Cordless LED Lighting

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with the Luna Pro Umbrella Light w/ 160 LED Lights. This energy-efficient LED light is not just a smart choice for illuminating your outdoor space; it’s also a statement in design. The cordless feature of this umbrella light means you can enjoy a clutter-free patio without compromising on brightness or coverage. With 160 LEDs, the Luna Pro provides ample lighting that’s both gentle on the environment and on your electricity bill.

The sleek design of this cordless umbrella LED light integrates seamlessly with any outdoor decor, offering an elegant solution to your lighting needs. Its ease of installation and use makes it an attractive option for those who value both aesthetics and eco-friendliness. The Treasure Garden brand ensures that each Luna Pro Umbrella Light is crafted with attention to detail, promising durability alongside its stylish appearance. So whether you’re hosting a late-night gathering or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, trust in the energy efficiency and chic appeal of this exceptional lighting accessory.

Weatherproof Design: Enjoying Your Patio in Any Season

Embrace the beauty of your outdoor space throughout the year with the Luna Pro Umbrella Light w/ 160 LED Lights, designed to defy the elements and deliver consistent performance no matter what Mother Nature has in store. The weatherproof design of this innovative lighting solution ensures that whether you’re dealing with a sultry summer evening or a brisk autumn night, your patio remains warmly illuminated. This weatherproof umbrella light is meticulously crafted to withstand rain, wind, and even snow, making it an ideal accessory for any season.

The robust construction of the Luna Pro 160 LED not only promises durability but also offers peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected against inclement weather. Its energy-efficient LED lights cast a soft yet bright glow that enhances the ambiance without being harsh on the eyes or draining power sources. As a cordless umbrella LED, it provides unmatched convenience by eliminating the need for electrical outlets or unsightly cords that can trip up unwary guests.

With Treasure Garden’s commitment to quality and innovation, this outdoor lighting solution is more than just an accessory; it’s an essential component for anyone looking to enjoy their patio year-round. The weatherproof features ensure that regardless of rain showers in spring or frosty evenings in winter, your gatherings will be bathed in reliable and inviting light. Experience uninterrupted enjoyment of your outdoor living space with this versatile and resilient weatherproof umbrella light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Luna Pro Umbrella Light enhance my outdoor patio experience?
A: The Luna Pro Umbrella Light with 160 LED lights is a premium outdoor lighting solution that transforms your nighttime patio ambiance. Its energy-efficient LEDs provide ample illumination for dining, reading, or relaxing under your umbrella after dark. The cordless design ensures easy installation and operation, making it an essential accessory for any Treasure Garden umbrella owner looking to extend their enjoyment of the outdoors into the evening hours.
Q: What makes the Luna Pro 160 LED light ideal for all weather conditions?
A: Designed by Treasure Garden, a brand synonymous with quality and durability in outdoor accessories, the Luna Pro Umbrella Light is built to withstand various weather conditions. It features a robust construction that’s both water-resistant and designed to endure exposure to elements without compromising performance—ensuring reliable patio illumination regardless of rain or shine.
Q: Is installing the Luna Pro 160 LED umbrella light complicated?
A: Not at all! Installation of this cordless LED umbrella light couldn’t be simpler. With its user-friendly design tailored specifically for ease-of-use on Treasure Garden umbrellas, you can attach it effortlessly without needing tools or professional help—allowing you more time to enjoy your beautifully lit evenings on your patio.