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Ensure your outdoor oasis remains perfectly shaded with the Treasure Garden 30# Add-On Weight. Designed to seamlessly integrate with select umbrella bases, this robust 30-pound weight provides added stability and peace of mind on breezy days. Crafted by the renowned brand Treasure Garden, known for their top-quality, custom-made umbrellas since 1984, this add-on weight is a testament to durability and innovation in shade solutions. Enhance your patio’s functionality without compromising on style—this sleek weight is an essential accessory for any discerning homeowner looking to secure their investment in premium outdoor comfort. SKU: BW30

Product Specs
SKU BW30 Categories , Collection by Weight30 lbs (13.61 kg)Dimensions12 x 12 x 2 in (30.48 30.48 5.08 cm)Shipping ETAShips between 07-10 and 07-24

Maximize Outdoor Comfort with the Treasure Garden BW30 Umbrella Weight

Enhance your outdoor living experience with the Treasure Garden BW30 Umbrella Weight, a crucial addition to any patio setup. This 30lb umbrella weight is specifically designed to provide unmatched stability for your shade structures, ensuring that your relaxation and entertainment remain uninterrupted by unexpected gusts of wind. The robust construction of this patio umbrella base weight not only secures your umbrella but also adds a layer of safety for those enjoying the outdoors.

The Treasure Garden BW30 is more than just an outdoor umbrella stability add-on; it’s an investment in peace of mind. With its substantial 30-pound heft, this weight anchors your parasol firmly, allowing you to focus on hosting gatherings or indulging in serene moments alone without worry. Whether you’re sipping on a cool drink during a hot summer day or enjoying an alfresco dinner as the sun sets, the reliability provided by this heavy-duty accessory ensures that your umbrella stays put even when the weather turns breezy.

Moreover, integrating this sleek and unobtrusive weight into your garden furniture ensemble couldn’t be easier. Designed to complement select bases from Treasure Garden’s esteemed collection, it maintains the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor decor while offering practical functionality. Don’t let Mother Nature dictate how you enjoy your outdoor spaces—fortify your shade solution with the essential Treasure Garden BW30 Umbrella Weight and bask in undisturbed comfort all season long.

Elevate Your Patio’s Style with a Sleek, Heavy-Duty Parasol Anchor

Transform your outdoor living space into a haven of relaxation and style with the Treasure Garden BW30 Add-On Weight. This heavy-duty parasol anchor is not just a practical solution to securing your shade; it’s also an elegant garden furniture accessory that enhances the overall look of your patio setup. The sleek design of the BW30 add-on weight is crafted to complement a wide range of garden furniture, merging seamlessly with both modern and traditional styles.

The 30lb umbrella weight is substantial enough to provide robust support for your parasol, ensuring that it remains steadfast even on windy days. As an essential outdoor umbrella stability add-on, this weather-resistant umbrella counterweight integrates effortlessly with select Treasure Garden umbrella bases, maintaining the aesthetic continuity of your outdoor décor. Its dual role as a functional item and an aesthetic piece makes it a must-have for anyone who values both form and function in their garden furnishings.

Choose the BW30 add-on weight for its durability and stylish appearance, knowing that you are investing in a quality product from Treasure Garden—a brand synonymous with excellence in garden accessories. Secure your shade in style and elevate your patio’s ambiance with this indispensable heavy-duty parasol anchor.

Weather-Resistant Umbrella Counterweight: A Shield Against the Elements

The Treasure Garden BW30 is not just an ordinary add-on weight; it’s a weather-resistant umbrella counterweight designed to stand as a shield against the elements. This robust 30-pound weight has been meticulously crafted to ensure that your outdoor shade structures remain steadfast and secure, even in adverse weather conditions. The resilience of this product makes it an excellent investment for those who wish to protect their garden furniture from the unpredictability of nature. Its durable construction means that whether you’re dealing with intense sun, heavy rain, or strong winds, the BW30 will provide unwavering support to your patio umbrellas. By choosing the Treasure Garden BW30, you are selecting a counterweight that promises long-term performance and reliability in various climates, safeguarding your tranquil outdoor oasis year-round.

Seamless Integration: The Perfect Add-On for Select Treasure Garden Bases

Enhance the stability of your outdoor shade solution with the Treasure Garden BW30, a meticulously designed 30lb add-on weight that offers seamless integration with select Treasure Garden umbrella bases. This patio umbrella base weight is not just an accessory; it’s an essential component for those seeking to fortify their outdoor umbrellas against the unpredictable elements. The BW30 add-on weight boasts a straightforward installation process, ensuring that you can easily augment your existing setup without any hassle.

To ensure compatibility, simply verify that your current base is designed to accommodate this specific model—the BW30. This synergy between the add-on weight and its corresponding bases guarantees a perfect fit, eliminating any guesswork involved in securing your patio umbrella. With this heavy-duty parasol anchor, you can relax knowing that your garden furniture will maintain its poise even when the weather turns breezy. Embrace peace of mind and unshakable confidence in your outdoor space with this indispensable garden furniture accessory from Treasure Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the 30lb Treasure Garden Umbrella Weight enhance outdoor umbrella stability?
A: The 30lb Treasure Garden Umbrella Weight, specifically designed as an add-on for select umbrella bases, significantly enhances outdoor shade stability. By adding a substantial 30 pounds to your patio umbrella base, it acts as a heavy-duty anchor that ensures your parasol remains secure even on breezy days. This additional weight provides peace of mind and prevents tipping or movement, keeping you comfortably shaded without interruption.
Q: Is the BW30 add-on weight compatible with all types of umbrellas?
A: While the BW30 is crafted to integrate seamlessly with certain models from Treasure Garden’s collection of premium umbrellas, it may not be universally compatible with all types. It’s best suited for use with specific bases within the brand’s range that are designed to accommodate this robust accessory. To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, check your existing base specifications or consult our product experts at Hauser’s Patio before purchase.
Q: What makes the Treasure Garden Add-On Weight durable against weather conditions?
A: Treasure Garden has built its reputation on creating high-quality garden furniture accessories that withstand various weather conditions. The 30# Add-On Weight is no exception; it features materials selected for their durability and resistance to wear from exposure to sun and rain—making it an ideal choice for long-term outdoor use in securing your shade solution effectively.