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With the holiday season, so comes the wind, rain, and cooler temperatures. But that’s no reason to forgo enjoying time outdoors. There are plenty of ways to transform at least part of your backyard oasis into a toasty outdoor seating area perfect for this time of year. Read on for our suggestions for the portable add-ons and must haves you need to create a warm retreat.

Basic Blankets

Open storage ottoman from hauser luxury outdoor living by hausers patio's Patio
This storage ottoman from Tommy Bahamas Outdoor is a great place to prop your feet and also store blankets and pillows.

Perhaps the most basic way to start outfitting a toasty outdoor seating area is by making sure there are plenty of soft and cozy blankets at the ready. If your space is covered, you can simply drape a few blankets over the backs of chairs or fold a stack on a side table. If you are worried about the fabric being exposed to the weather, use a handy storage ottoman, such as the one pictured above, to keep them dry and dirt free.

Heat Things Up

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Infratech Slimline heaters easily blend into the exterior of your home.

When you need a toasty outdoor seating area that is large enough to accommodate friends, family, and guests, consider splurging on two or three outdoor propane heaters. We like the way these Slimline Heaters from Infratech tuck neatly up under the eaves. A pair of them will easily warm a medium to large sized patio or deck. Choose from stainless, bronze, or black colors to blend in with the exterior of your home. These slimline heaters are available in 1,600 to 4,000 watts depending on the size of the area you wish to heat.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

If you want to be able to move the heater throughout your outdoor space, opt for a portable propane heater. We have a commercial duty Sunglo heater with infrared flames specially designed to stay lit even when a breeze blows through your space. These heaters will easily warm an area of 115 square feet or more.

Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Casual fireside gas fire pit by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A tile hearth top fire pit

A fire pit or fire table can perform more than one function in your backyard oasis. A quick flick of the switch and the propane or gas flames comes to life, providing warmth and mesmerizing flames. If you enjoy entertaining, make sure your toasty outdoor seating area is complete with a fire table that includes a sizable tabletop surface (at least 6” wide) to place food and drinks. You could even opt for a cooking gas fire pit that lets you and your guests flame barbecue kebabs and s’mores right from the tableside.

Fascinating Fire Features

Fire urns luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A fire table surrounded by a pair of fire urns is cozy and toasty.

Beyond a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, fire features are ideal for creating a toasty outdoor seating area that is decorated in style. Choices include fire urns and fire lanterns, both of which add a touch of sophistication, along with a hint of warmth, to your outdoor space. Since they use either natural gas or propane, these fire features won’t make you smell like smoke after spending time gathered around them.

Final Tips

Let Mother Nature help you warm up your toasty outdoor seating area before the sun goes down by choosing a west or southwestern facing location. This will trap some of the residual heat and make it easier to keep warm.

You may want to tuck your seating area into a covered corner. This helps reduce the impact of rain and wind, allowing you to enjoy the area year-round.

This year, why not create a toasty outdoor seating area where you can keep the enjoyment of your backyard oasis going all winter long?