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Not all shade umbrellas are created alike. In fact, there is a big difference in terms of quality, functionality and, in particular, style.  If you don’t want a luxury outdoor living space that is cookie cutter in style, then you need to check out these gorgeous options and unique designs from our selection of shade umbrella brands.

Fun with Fabric

treasure garden AKZ shade umbrella Hausers Patio

What most of us notice first about a shade umbrella is the fabric cover. While you can stick to traditional, solid color umbrellas, you could take a walk on the wild side and opt for something a bit more unusual. Try this designer cover shown on the Treasure Garden AKZ Series cantilever umbrella, available in several different styles and hues. This is a shade umbrella sure to add a strong pop of color to your backyard.

treasure garden akz purple shade umbrella Hausers Patio

Another way to dress up your shade umbrella is by adding a valance along the bottom edge of the fabric. This is the same Treasure Garden AKZ Series shade umbrella with an added valance in a brilliant purple color. This one will stand out amongst the landscaping in your yard as a thing of beauty.

Pick a Shape

Hausers Patio

Not every area in your luxury outdoor living space will be best served by a traditionally shaped shade umbrella, such a the Tommy Bahama Outdoor umbrella shown above. Depending on where you need a slice of shade, choose from the popular square shape or opt for a rectangle or octagon. You could even mix and match shapes to imbue a spirit of playful style in your backyard, patio or pool deck.

For the ultimate in cool, opt for a TUUCI Stingray umbrella, as shown below.

TUUCI Stingray Hausers Patio

Base Your Decision

round cast iron umbrella base Hausers Patio

Here’s another way to make your shade umbrellas exceptionally cool: add an unusual base. One of the most popular is this steel plate base that is made mobile via casters. This makes it simple to move from one side of the pool to the other, and it can be locked in place once it is placed in the desired location.

art deco umbrella base Hausers Patio

But for looks alone you can’t beat these Art Deco Series umbrella bases from Treasure Garden. Available in five different finishes, these bases are almost too pretty to hide underneath the umbrella’s shade.

Shade Umbrella Illumination


startlight umbrella Hausers Patio

Wouldn’t it be nice if your shade umbrella was just as functional at nighttime as it is during the day? How about this Treasure Garden Startlight Umbrella, which features lengths of lights running along the underside of each vein? Talk about practical! And it’s pretty, too.

vega umbrella lights Hausers Patio

Then again, you could opt to add a Vega umbrella light with 24 or 36 LED lamps which perfectly illuminate a tabletop. These are easy to attach to your shade umbrella or remove when you no longer want to use them.

At Hauser’s, We Know the Art of Cool

When it comes to adding a cool umbrella to your luxury outdoor living space, start by looking through the options available in shade umbrellas from all the high quality brands we carry at Hauser’s Patio. They have it all: style, sophistication, functionality and lots of nifty choices in shape, fabric and accessories.

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