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What is the best material for patio furniture? There is no correct answer, but when shopping for outdoor furniture, you will find many choices regarding the material used. While wood is always a perennial favorite, there are other materials that stand up a bit better to the weather conditions in Southern California. In this article we compare two of those: cast aluminum vs aluminum patio furniture.

What is Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Castelle patio furniture at hauser luxury outdoor living by hausers patio's Patio
These seating pieces and tables from Castelle are made from sturdy aluminum.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture that will not rust, aluminum is the preferred metal. When you see aluminum patio furniture on the market, it refers to an extruded material. Extrusion is simply taking a piece of aluminum and forcing it through a machine that shapes it into the desired shape (round or square). An advantage of aluminum patio furniture is that seating pieces can be stacked, making them easier to move around and store during the winter months.

Aluminum Quality Considerations

As with any type of outdoor furnishings, there are some things that affect the quality. For instance, the pieces should be heavy, which usually indicates better quality and a less likelihood that it will be blown over in a strong wind. The very nature of extruded aluminum means it is prone to denting and bending, although some outdoor furniture manufacturers add support within the framework to provide additional material strength.

Brown jordan aluminum chair frame luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Look for quality details, such as you will find in a Brown Jordan aluminum chair frame like this one.

Take a good look at the finish of the aluminum patio furniture you are considering. The pieces should be welded with a combination of aluminum, zinc and steel. Powder coating should be smooth and free of bubbles, blotches or stippling which can occur when the metal isn’t properly cleaned before application. Powder coated aluminum patio furniture is also preferred to spray painting, which makes the pieces susceptible to peeling and produces a finish that won’t last as long.

What is Cast Aluminum?

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This cast aluminum lounger built for two is one of the signature pieces in the Florence collection by Gensun.

In considering cast aluminum vs aluminum patio furniture, the former is usually a better choice than the the latter. Cast aluminum is a solid material and outdoor furniture made from it typically uses a mold. It all starts with molten aluminum that is poured into a frame where it can set. This process allows for more intricate design details. It also makes cast aluminum patio furniture more stable and sturdier.

Will cast aluminum rust? That’s a question we get asked quite often and the answer is no. Unlike cast iron, cast aluminum patio furniture will not rust even if gets and stays wet for an extended period of time.

Cast Aluminum Quality Considerations

When shopping be aware that some cast aluminum patio furniture brands use fillers in the material. This produces a cheaper product that is less dense and more susceptible to breakage. Another aspect to consider is whether the manufacturer used 3D molds to form the pieces. If not, the backs of the furniture will be concave and unfinished. Finally, look at the welds. They should be sanded down and smoothed, but not to the point that it makes the junctions weak.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Gensun Casual makes some of the finest quality cast aluminum patio furniture on the market today.

Of all the cast aluminum patio furniture brands, Gensun Casual is one of the best quality furniture makers. You can see this illustrated in the image shown above but if you really want to see the quality difference firsthand, we invite you to visit one of our expansive showrooms so you can not only see, but feel, its superior design.

When it comes to cast aluminum vs aluminum patio furniture, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Which you choose depends largely on your specific needs and sense of style.